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By Marty Bakal I recently attended a talk about whether agile development was a success or an empty buzzword. In my opinion the outcome boiled down to a quote by one of the panelists Ken Schwaber, co-founder of Scrum, “none of us know the results”. So 13 years after the agile manifesto came out we don’t know the results except that more companies claim to be agile. Everything is anecdotal. As a person who likes things quantified, I ask myself what numbers and data could we collect and how? Agile development is based on development working with customers and getting... Continue reading
As technology has become more sophisticated, so have users. Expectations run high for easy-to-use software. And where do they experience their first impression of software? When the installation begins! To exceed expectations, check out these three tips: Tip #1: Build Single Suite Installations Users want to install once. Create installers that bundle multiple products together into one unified installation. Tip #2: Shorten Download Wait Time Time expectations have shortened and users want downloads to start ASAP. Build installations with technology that reduces their wait time. Tip #3: Freshen Up How the Installation Looks Today’s users know what modern looks like... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at InstallTalk
I've become a fan recently of TED Talks. This weekend I was watching "Nicholas Negroponte: A 30-year history of the future". It's an interesting watch for anyone that's been in tech for a number of years -- showing glimpses of the early days of GPS, Google Glass and more. But what caught my eye (or more accurately ear) was his statement starting at the 10:20 mark where he says "I look today at some of the work being done around the Internet of Things, and I think it's kind of tragically pathetic." To illustrate his point, he talked about people... Continue reading
Posted Jul 15, 2014 at Entitlement and Compliance Management
“My software update was terrible.” Hopefully, no one has said this about your software update, but the reality is that many companies have been there. Since just about every software company in the world provides updates, good preparation is essential. Users expect a smooth, trouble-free experience beginning with the installation through usage of the software. Since the installation is where everything begins, do you have a strategy for creating an update-friendly Windows MSI installer? This white paper, Designing an Update Friendly MSI Installation, can help. It discusses how to design your original Windows Installer setup project to prepare it for... Continue reading
Posted Jul 15, 2014 at InstallTalk
By Flexera Software Tensions between application producers and enterprises around virtualization are likely to heat up. As software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers change their software licensing rules to profit from virtualization, many enterprises are not implementing prudent best processes and technology to track and manage their virtualized applications. This will likely increase tensions between buyers and sellers of enterprise software as more organizations are found to be out of software compliance with virtualization licensing rules, resulting in steeper "true-up" penalties. This is the conclusion of a new Flexera Software 2013-14 Key Trends in Software Pricing & Licensing Report, prepared... Continue reading
Enterprises and government organizations want App-V for its time- and cost-saving benefits. However, standardizing on App-V requires time-consuming conversion of both legacy and newly purchased applications. To help customers gain the benefit and avoid the time, more and more software companies are making their applications available as an App-V package and a traditional MSI package. It’s a significant change for the development landscape. So what options exist to help software developers build an App-V package? A white paper, Microsoft App-V: What Software Installation Developers Should Know, answers this question and more, including: • What exactly is Microsoft App-V? • What’s... Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2014 at InstallTalk
By Marty Bakal I recently had the opportunity to attend The Value of the Internet of Things (IoT) conference put on by MassTLC. In one of the sessions, Professor Sanjay Sarma from MIT made the point that one of the reasons for the growth in IoT was that RFID (unique identifier) tags are appearing on everything. The interesting thing about the tags is that they allow sensors to identify and capture elements in their environment much like humans do. The data captured is then stored in the cloud which adds processing power into the equation. It is this combination of... Continue reading
By Tu Le Today everyone understands the benefits of cloud computing—elasticity, availability, economical, flexibility—but one of the not so well known benefits of cloud computing is security and its ability to curb software piracy. Around the world, there are smart people devoted to cracking software. Some do it for the intellectual challenge and others want to earn a living by selling pirated copies of software. Software protection has evolved over the years. Initially, many producers relied on proprietary hardware (dongles) to protect their intellectual property and then later relied on software-enforced licensing with an activation process. A common challenge with... Continue reading
Posted Jun 30, 2014 at Entitlement and Compliance Management
No one likes missing an opportunity, especially one that helps you keep up with technology. But stuff happens … If you missed the What's New in InstallShield 2014 webinar, all is not lost! You can watch it on-demand, 24x7 to see how the new release simplifies complex installations even further. The new capabilities covered include: Install Web Applications to Microsoft® Azure™ and Microsoft IIS using Microsoft Web Deploy – With new support for Microsoft Web Deploy, Suite/Advanced UI installations give your customers the flexibility to deploy Web applications to their choice of infrastructure—local machines, remote servers in the data center... Continue reading
Posted Jun 30, 2014 at InstallTalk
Sometimes, it's just better in video. Whether you want a first look or a refresh on InstallShield and InstallAnywhere, check out the two new on-demand videos for a practical and detailed demonstration of both products. Each video offers a product overview and then dives into specific areas for cross-platform installers and Windows MSI installers. For InstallShield, topics include the project assistant, Microsoft App-V, the installation designer and more. For InstallAnywhere, segments cover the project wizard, advanced designer, installer UI and other key areas. Using the menu on the front screen, you can view the entire video or select only the... Continue reading
Posted Jun 24, 2014 at InstallTalk
By Marty Bakal Flexera Software has recently produced another entertaining video that discusses how to improve software performance and reduce support calls with a software update solution. Remember Bob? When we last saw him, he had helped Success Corp increase recurring software revenue by 40 percent AND minimize software piracy by implementing software licensing and compliance management from Flexera Software. Bob is now setting out to fix Success Corp’s software updating process and get a better understanding how customers are using their products. With several product lines, Bob and his team felt they were flying blind when it came to... Continue reading
Posted Jun 19, 2014 at Entitlement and Compliance Management
Any of these challenges sound familiar with software installer licenses? Moving licenses from computer to computer Figuring out how to share licenses with team members in other offices Spending time managing license compliance for a distributed team Whether you work as a cross-platform installer or an MSI Windows installer, there’s an easier way. Concurrent licenses for InstallShield and InstallAnywhere simplify license management and provide a cost-effective solution. This option provides simultaneous access to multiple users in multiple locations, even across the world. How Concurrent Licenses Streamline Usage When your company has procurement goals around managing cost and compliance, concurrent licenses... Continue reading
Posted Jun 19, 2014 at InstallTalk
By Marty Bakal In a recent article on the Technology and Games section of the ABC site entitled “Internet of Things (IoT) - An opportunity for Intelligent Device Manufacturers” Steve Schmidt from Flexera Software shared his thoughts on the benefits IoT enablement brings to device manufacturers through: 1) Product Life Extensions 2) Automated Support 3) Reduced Manufacturing and Distribution Costs 4) New Markets & Revenue Streams In the article, Steve shares that the key to their success will be the ability to understand and adopt a software-centric approach to manufacturing and selling hardware. This includes leveraging software licensing and entitlement... Continue reading
Posted Jun 18, 2014 at Entitlement and Compliance Management
Have questions about InstallShield 2014? They might be answered here. Developers across the globe attended the recent webinar to introduce InstallShield 2014 and here is what they wanted to know. 1. Q: Can the Virtual Machine configuration info be exported to quickly add to a set of projects? Or are these addable via the Automation Interface? A: The virtual machine configurations themselves are stored in <InstallShield>\Support\04xx\VMConfigurations.xml and referenced by name in each release configuration. The XML file can be copied between machines. For more information, visit the HelpNet website, choose InstallShield 2014 and search for the help topic, Sharing Virtual... Continue reading
Posted Jun 13, 2014 at InstallTalk
By Josh Stechnij As mentioned in the article Using InstallScript Actions in Suite/Advanced UI, InstallShield 2013 provided functionality to call InstallScript code from Suite/Advanced UI actions. However, the IDE did not provide any direct method of creating InstallScript actions or authoring code for such actions. Starting with InstallShield 2014, the IDE now includes the ability to edit InstallScript directly from a Suite/Advanced UI project. The InstallScript view, present in other project types such as Basic MSI and InstallScript, is now present in Suite/Advanced UI projects. In addition, the Events view in Suite/Advanced UI projects now provides the option of creating... Continue reading
Posted Jun 6, 2014 at InstallTalk
By Martin Bakal I spent this week at the Agile Games 2014 conference. It is one I highly recommend to allow people think outside the box in enhancing development activities and processes. Examples included using a card game to practice cross team communication, tricks for making development cycle retrospectives shorter, more fun and effective through team activities and even my favorite team Lego building to work on problem solving. These skills are even more important in the device manufacturer world since hardware and software teams need to work together effectively. For example, what if you could have an option to... Continue reading
By Ken Hilker At TechEd 2014, “The Agile End-to-End Story for Developers and IT Professionals,” Microsoft highlighted that agile developers often require access to virtual machines to quickly test their applications and daily builds. In a DevOps organization, IT Operations needs to able to provide developers with easy access to virtual machines. Microsoft discussed a solution to this requirement by asking IT Ops to integrate Team Foundation Server, System Center Virtual Machine Manager, and System Center Configuration Manager to provision virtual machines and deploy applications to them. Did you know that InstallShield 2014 Premier Edition can also provision virtual machines... Continue reading
Posted May 28, 2014 at InstallTalk
By Martin Bakal I recently joined Flexera Software as a Product Marketing Manager in the software licensing and entitlement management division. Part of my role is to manage the roll out our entitlement management back-office solutions but another piece is to work on our marketing strategy for the Internet of Things (IoT). I explained this to a friend who isn't in the technology field and he asked what does IoT mean? He had been hearing all the IoT buzz but simply didn't know the reason for all the hype. I explained that in its simplest form IoT is a group... Continue reading
Posted May 28, 2014 at Entitlement and Compliance Management
Flexera Software launched InstallShield 2014 today. The latest version of the world’s most popular Windows installation development solution, InstallShield 2014 features a host of capabilities that help simplify the installation of complex applications. This release covers all three editions of InstallShield (Premier, Professional, and Express) in both English and Japanese. Feature highlights of InstallShield 2014 include: Install Web Applications to Microsoft® Azure™ and Microsoft IIS using Microsoft Web Deploy – With new support for Microsoft Web Deploy, Suite/Advanced UI installations give your customers the flexibility to deploy Web applications to their choice of infrastructure—local machines, remote servers in the data... Continue reading
Posted May 15, 2014 at InstallTalk
Teodor, you are correct. Allow us to clarify: InstallShield is the only installation solution that can directly convert MSIs to Microsoft App-V packages. Thank you for your comment.
Thanks for the kudos. It's always great to hear that InstallAnywhere is providing a cost-effective solution for today's software vendors. And new capabilities are in the works -- watch for the next release of InstallAnywhere planned for summer 2014.
Toggle Commented May 7, 2014 on InstallAnywhere 2013 Now Available at InstallTalk
By Ram Visvanathan To continue the thoughts in an earlier blog in the recent Mckinsey article titled Grow fast or die slow mentions that for Software and Internet Services companies, sustained growth is elusive. The article mentions that a study of about 3000 software companies between 1980 and 2012 showed that only 96 grew beyond $1 billion annual revenue and only 17 grew beyond $4 billion in annual revenues. To provide an analogy, this is equivalent to about 97% of infants not growing to become even teenagers, forget about becoming an adult. Source: Mckinsey article - Grow fast or die... Continue reading
Agile, or distributed, development continues to be rapidly adopted throughout the software development community. Except for one key area—software installation, which has traditionally been thought of as an isolated step at the tail end of the development process. It's time for that to change for both Windows and multiplatform installers. With today’s complex cloud and virtual technology, installation development has to be accessible to the entire team because multiple developers contribute to the effort. There are a number of reasons why installation could involve multiple developers. In a distributed development environment, individual contributors are likely to have the best information... Continue reading
Posted May 6, 2014 at InstallTalk
By Ram Visvanathan The power of the Internet of Things (IoT) for Intelligent Device Manufacturers (like General Electric, Nest, Siemens, General Motors etc.) is the enablement of connectivity which helps to collect vast amounts of data from the devices on the field. This helps to replace guess work with information. For this to happen, three pieces of the puzzle need to fall in place. They are: Data acquisition: Seamlessly acquire relevant data from field devices and decide efficient mechanism to transport them Data transport: Primarily the ability to transfer the data from Point A to Point B, the domain of... Continue reading
By Randy Littleson McKinsey & Company has published a great article entitled "Grow fast or die slow" based on their own research looking at the success, or failure, of many software companies over the years. As the title suggests, their basic premise is that, as a software company, growth trumps everything else in terms of importance to long-term survival. McKinsey defines multiple phases of growth and looked at the impact of revenue growth rates on a companies' prospects for breaking through $100 million, $1 billion and $4 billion revenue thresholds. McKinsey also drew conclusions about the key enablers of growth... Continue reading