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Flexera Software
Chicago, IL
Flexera Software - Leaders in Application Usage Management
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By Michael Costa Most software publishers have an opportunity to significantly improve business results by offering new, innovative software license models to their customers. We’ve seen publishers achieve 10-200% more revenue and successfully expand into new markets. For example, aligning pricing and software licensing with customer value attainments and budgets, often opens sales opportunities that would not otherwise exist. And, giving prospects a range of software license models that provide an optimal mix of flexibility, access and efficiency reduces the amount of time & support required to win new customer business and renewals. Subscription, term and usage-based license models have... Continue reading
By Randy Littleson It's conventional wisdom that software businesses need to break through multiple "ceilings" to continue to grow. Most feel there is a ceiling to break through when you get to $10 million in revenues, another at $25 million and so on. These ceilings coincide with both revenue growth and the number of employees you employ. One of the reasons for these required breakthroughs is that as you grow, how you price, package and deliver your software products evolves. For example, you may start out selling your products only to a specific market segment. This segment is defined by... Continue reading
By Ann Reist Recently, much attention has been paid to the "Heartbleed" bug that is affecting millions of people worldwide. In the recent Wall Street Journal article: Heartbleed Bug Found in Cisco Routers, Juniper Gear: Encryption Bug Affects Equipment That Connects to the Web they point out that companies like Amazon, Yahoo and Netflix were able to quickly fix the hole, but it is not so easy for device manufacturers. "Cisco and Juniper said the security flaw affects routers, switches and firewalls often used by businesses. These devices likely will be more difficult to fix. The process involves more steps... Continue reading
By Michael Costa Software publishers typically have an opportunity to increase revenue, grow market share and reduce sales time and cost by effectively upselling and cross-selling to existing customers. Most new customers don’t buy all of the applicable products in your portfolio, even if they could derive substantial benefits from their use. New customers tend to limit their initial purchases with new suppliers until they’ve accumulated rewarding experiences. That, and the likelihood that you’re continuously developing and releasing new products and/or add-ons well after initial sales have occurred, provides a great deal of up-selling and cross-selling opportunity. The opportunity to... Continue reading
By Michael Costa Most software publishers that embed royalty-bearing 3rd party software within their software products have an opportunity to significantly reduce royalty expense, improve gross and net margins and greatly improve the accuracy of 3rd party installed base data using electronic software licensing. Our customers have been able to reduce royalty expense by as much as 50% by using electronic software licensing to track and report on the actual use of royalty-bearing 3rd party software. Royalty expense is reduced and margins are increased by using electronic licensing to activate 3rd party software only when customers have purchased rights to... Continue reading
Our third article on Flexera's recent installation survey explores what respondents said were the most valuable improvements to the customer installation experience. Check out these interesting results as well as what the survey said about mobile apps/update deployments and cloud and virtualization technologies. What improvements to the customer installation experience would be most valuable to you and your customers? "Extremely important" highest response: 22% indicated less user interaction (i.e. one-click installs) "Very important" highest response: 24% said more design and branding control over the installation wizards "Important" highest response: 28% selected less user interaction (i.e. one-click installs) "Somewhat important" response:... Continue reading
Posted Apr 7, 2014 at InstallTalk
By Michael Costa Most software publishers have an opportunity to significantly increase revenue, reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction by using electronic software licensing to reduce software overuse. We’ve seen publishers achieve 10-50% more revenue, reduce development and support costs by 20-40% and dramatically increase customer satisfaction at the same time. Incremental revenue is achieved by preventing unintentional overuse, monetizing periodic overuse, and tracking actual software use. Operation costs are reduced by eliminating the need to audit customers, eliminating the cost associated with developing piecemeal internal license management systems and reducing a large volume of your customer support calls... Continue reading
By Mathieu Baissac Simply selling more device units will not result in the massive spike in profits manufacturers are hoping for as they make a play to compete in the Internet of Things (IoT). In addition to selling more Internet-connected devices, businesses will also have to figure out how to make money from the software they develop that flexibly configures their devices and powers functionality – and they'll also have to leverage software licensing and entitlement management as the mechanism to capture those additional revenues. This is the conclusion of a new report published by Gartner, Software Licensing & Entitlement... Continue reading
By Randy Littleson Last month IDC held their Directions 2014 conference and, amongst other things, spent some time talking about the Internet of Things (IoT). IDC did a really nice job of putting some structure and meaning to what has long been a very nebulous, nacent and confusing market. One of the key things IDC did was to put some structure behind the ecosystem involed in creating Internet of Thnings solutions. There are a lot of players potentially involved, from intelligent systems to connecctivity, application enablement, big data analytics and vertical applications. And, there's a substantial role for professional services... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2014 at Entitlement and Compliance Management
Mobile apps and update deployments are the focus of our second article on Flexera Software's recent installation survey. Check out the results below as well as what over 500 respondents said about cloud and virtualization technologies. What challenges are you encountering in the development and release process for mobile applications? 43% said they have not introduced any mobile apps 18% indicated they are installing mobile apps on various devices throughout the development process 16% deliver mobile apps to enterprise customers outside of the App Store 15% ensure the web site of their web/server application is mobile-ready When creating and deploying... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2014 at InstallTalk
Yes, this is possible to do. Assuming the DLL is C/C++, you would need to #import the type library from the Suite engine in your DLL code, and query interface from the IDispatch passed from InstallScript to an ISuiteExtension in your DLL code. Note that it may be more efficient, depending on your requirements, to just implement a DLL that is called directly by the Suite engine (instead of using InstallScript). - Josh
Flexera Software recently completed its annual survey on installation trends. Over 500 respondents shared their thoughts on the impact of cloud and virtualization technologies, what customer installation experience improvements would be most valuable, and more. In this 3-part series, the results will be revealed. Let's start with what respondents said about cloud and virtualization technologies. How are cloud and virtualization technologies changing how you deliver software to your customers? 19% currently host and manage applications for customers in their own private cloud using VMware, vSphere, Microsoft, SCVMM, etc. 21% are interested but have no plans to assist customers deploying to... Continue reading
Posted Mar 26, 2014 at InstallTalk
By Scott Niemann If you own an iOS device, you may recall recently there was a security update issued by Apple. If you are like me, typically when an iOS update occurs you ignore it for a while, that is until your favorite app stops working because you need the software update! Well, upon further investigation, the software update was a hot fix to resolve a critical issue where hackers could access your encrypted HTTPS browser data (read Apple's 'Gotofail' Security Mess Extends To Mail, Twitter, iMessage, Facetime And More). This prompted me to inform the rest of my family,... Continue reading
Posted Mar 13, 2014 at Entitlement and Compliance Management
By Randy Littleson Far too often, senior executives don't care about software licensing, electronic software delivery or entitlement management. These are viewed tactically in most companies - operational issues to be worried about by operational people. Is there any reason for a CEO to care about these topics? PwC has just published very interesting survey results from their 17th Annual Global CEO Survey. The survey covered a wide range of topics that are top of mind to CEOs today. As the chart below illustrates, CEOs strongly believe that technological advances will most transform their businesses. CEOs agreed that technology is... Continue reading
Posted Mar 12, 2014 at Entitlement and Compliance Management
By Michael Costa and Jim Berthold In our last post, Software Publishers Lose Out on Maintenance and Subscription Renewal Revenues, I talked about how and why software publishers continue to miss out on high margin maintenance and subscription renewal revenues. In this post, I’ll share best practices on how software publishers can actually increase software maintenance and subscription renewal revenues. Existing processes & systems tend to lose track of software entitlements & fulfillments after the initial order. The initial order represents a small percentage of the transactions performed on an entitlement over its lifecycle. Order management systems are not designed... Continue reading
By Flexera Software Despite the massive growth and evolution of the enterprise software industry, independent software vendors (ISVs) have largely failed to implement automated software licensing and entitlement management systems across their product lines, and their failure to modernize is hurting business. This is the conclusion of a new Flexera Software Application Usage Management Report prepared jointly with IDC, which surveyed more than 750 respondents from software vendors, intelligent device manufacturers and end-user enterprises on all aspects of managing the software license lifecycle. The report details vendors' progress in modernizing their licensing and entitlement management with automated systems, and the... Continue reading
By Michael Costa and Jim Berthold Maintenance & subscription renewals are usually the most profitable elements of a thriving software business. Unlike the initial sale, renewal revenue doesn’t incur high pre-sales & commission costs. Unfortunately, many software companies don’t achieve anywhere near the best practice renewal rate of 85-95%. One of the primary reasons why software publishers can’t optimize maintenance and subscription renewals is because they simply don’t know what software each customer is entitled to. Solving this one problem usually leads to a substantial and immediate revenue increase. And, if you’re like most software publishers, the renewals revenue that... Continue reading
The Software Licensing and Pricing survey was conducted by Flexera Software with input from IDC's Software Pricing and Licensing Research division under the direction of Amy Konary, Research Vice President at IDC. This annual research project—now in its 10th year—looks at software licensing, compliance enforcement, pricing and entitlement management trends and best practices. The survey reaches out to executives at application producers (software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers) and enterprises who use and manage software and devices. During this webinar, Amy will share findings from both the producer and enterprise surveys, including: The shift from perpetual to subscription and usage-based... Continue reading
Posted Feb 27, 2014 at Entitlement and Compliance Management
By Jim Berthold Software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers incur significant costs distributing software releases, updates, patches, etc. through physical shipments (can be on the order of $50/ea.). Not only is it resource intensive (release, burn, package, ship) it also introduces significant delays with both revenue recognition as well as customer availability. Managing customer access to software based on existing maintenance contracts is non-trivial. Simple ftp-based software delivery systems require significant overhead to manage as each end customer will either need their own file directory structure or will have to navigate a large library of available products to find their... Continue reading
Posted Feb 26, 2014 at Entitlement and Compliance Management
By Tony Wynn Apple recently released OS X Mavericks (10.9). Mavericks is a free upgrade available through the App Store for anyone running OS X 10.6.8 or later on supported hardware models. The fact that it is free rather than a paid upgrade will undoubtedly make it a very attractive upgrade for many Mac end users. While the new features and improvements offered by Mavericks are well documented, one feature that has been removed from Mavericks will have an immediate impact that installation developers targeting OS X need to address. Apple OS X traditionally included a Java Runtime Environment by... Continue reading
Posted Feb 24, 2014 at InstallTalk
The Internet of Things is the hottest global trend in intelligent device manufacturing. Companies able to develop connected products and profit from them will be at a distinct competitive advantage. Software plays a key role in helping connected device manufacturers provision their devices, cut manufacturing costs, create more efficient, flexible and responsive supply chains, and uncover new revenue streams. And software licensing and entitlement management are key enabling technologies empowering connected device manufacturers to deliver remote functionality on connected devices and monetize this functionality. Flexera Software's Mike Mullany, Director of Business Development, will be speaking at the upcoming Embedded World... Continue reading
Posted Feb 19, 2014 at Entitlement and Compliance Management
For many years, technology companies sold products where functionality was dependent upon hardware and device capabilities. Acquiring new functionality usually required buying a new device that could do something that was not possible with the previous generation of device. Changes in technology, customer expectations, global competition, commoditization of hardware, tighter CAPEX budgets and customer demand for more value and functions have forever shifted the market. Two primary disruptors have forever changed the world of telecommunications and device manufacturing. First was the ‘Internet Bubble’ which drove hardware commoditization from servers to networking equipment incorporating high-reliability attributes that had been solely the... Continue reading
Posted Feb 13, 2014 at Entitlement and Compliance Management
By Flexera Software Receives 2013 Global Frost & Sullivan Market Share Leadership Award Flexera Software was recognized for leadership in the software-enforced segment in 2011. It has maintained this leadership position over the last three years, and thus wins this award again – by a larger margin. Capturing the highest market share by revenue in the software-enforced segment of this industry, Flexera Software was recognized for continued growth despite flat revenues in the software markets it serves. Flexera Software increased its share in the software-enforced market segment from nearly 45 percent revenue share in 2011 to more than 48 percent... Continue reading
Posted Jan 29, 2014 at Entitlement and Compliance Management
By Ann Reist In a recent ZDNet article by Larry Dignan, Every company will revolve around software: How many will succeed? He discusses how “Every company is a software company---or at least aspiring to be one. That reality will shake up industries, lead to huge successes and failures and potentially make or break brands.” As he states, it’s not the first time we’ve heard this and we are sure it won’t be the last. Back in 2011 we blogged about a similar story in the Wall Street Journal where Marc Andreessen pronounced that "software is eating the world". He went... Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2014 at Entitlement and Compliance Management
By Josh Stechnij InstallShield 2013 added support for actions in Suite/Advanced UI projects similar to custom actions in MSI installations. With Suite/Advanced UI actions it is possible to run EXEs, call code in a DLL, run a PowerShell script, or set properties. These action types are supported directly in the Events view in Suite/Advanced UI projects. Another action type is currently supported but does not have any exposed support in the IDE: InstallScript actions. This article provides information on the steps needed to work with InstallScript actions in a Suite/Advanced UI project in InstallShield 2013 Premier Edition. The following steps... Continue reading
Posted Jan 23, 2014 at InstallTalk