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WOW...I move to the Left Coast and have not posted anything under Cote's blog for a few years and low and behold, the usual suspects are still here bashing the Phins. WTF..!! Nothing changes in South Florida..!! The Pats got what was coming to them- another Super Bowl loss to the Giants. You cannot win a Super Bowl with a crappy Defense. They (the Pats) will not win the AFC East next year. Get ready for Peyton Manning because the whole culture of the organization is about to change. I am sure he wants a chance to play Brady and the Pats twice a year-make it three times a year including play-offs. It's time for a Dolphins-49ers Super Bowl next year. We have to avenge the 1985 loss. OC Dolphin, R. Dukes, Naples Jack and Mr.Woodcock....good to see that you guys are still keeping the troll Pats and Jets Fans off the blog. I'm glad Patty Puke is long gone or maybe posting another another name. PUNK..!!
WoW..!! Armando finally covered something that has made sense since the beginning of the season- the almighty O-Line..!! It has been a patchwork of players coming in and out. You cannot blame Ronnie & Ricky for that. You cannot blame Henne for that and you certainly cannot blame Dan Henning for that. If you dont have the hogs up front to open the running lanes, then your running game will be non-existant or in the case of the Phins, have a significant drop in production. It's something that can be corrected and something that can be fixed with good coaching, good technique and a desire to be the best as far as the players attitudes are concerned. We need players that want to win a Super Bowl. We need some mean agressive individuals that are not scared to steamroll through the opposition. If they are doing it just to get a pay check, then let them go and find individuals that want to win it all and have the talent, physical ability, determination, smarts and focus to get the job done.
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Yazzi is a dumb ass..!! Nolan is staying put in Miami..!!
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To Alex the Cuban Boat Person from Hialeah, I never accused Armando of writing the comparison between the slime green and the Phins. I accused him of being an idiot for posting it and playing devil's advocate. Sparano has to find a way to motivate this team to make a run- why the hell not? Thats what good teams do- they get on a roll. Thats how you win Super's the team with the hot streak at the end of the season that WINS IT ALL..!! The Raiders did it in the 80's as a WILD CARD with a 9-7 record. What pisses me off about Armando is that he's a negative jack ass. He never sees the good in anything. So it is you Alex the Cuban dumb f**k from Hialeah, that doesn't comprehend what the "your" reading. Comprende moron??
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First of all Armando is an idiot for posting a bunch of BS comparing the Jets of 09' with this years Phins team. The play-offs are not quite out of reach just yet. We have a slim shot but at least we have one.02. The only way we can get in is if the Ravens, Jets, Steelers, Colts and Jaguars all tail spin and lose a bunch of games. Out of the 5 teams mentioned, two will win their division (Colts & Steelers) that would leave the Phins, Ravens, Jets and Jaguars fighting for the last play-off spot. Miami has the easiest schedule but needs to beat the Jets and hope they self destruct (lose all their games and end up 9-7). The Ravens have the Texans, Saints, Browns and Bengals. If they lose three of those games, then we have a shot at getting in. The Jags have the Raiders, Indy, Redskins and Texans. We need them to go 2-2. So here is the recap: The Phins have to go 4-0, Jets have to go 0-4, Ravens have to go 1-3 and the Jaguars have to go 2-2 for the Phins to get the last play-off spot. The Jets are hurting a lot worse than people see and Sanchez has been exposed. If the Phins make the play-offs, I hope every idiot that posted negative comments on how bad of a season we've had shuts the hell up and starts supporting the team.
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J.J.?? I thought we ran that punk out of town? So tell me, J.J. (cough, cough)- what kind of Offensive game plan would you have run against the Bengals today?? What does your Offensive guru mind have in store for next week against the Ravens?? We have a very young team that is learning and gaining confidence and experience with each passing game. You can't rush remain patient. Nothing pisses me off more than fair weathered fans that dont understand the game. Execution, consistency and continuity (chemistry between players) are just as important as talent and smarts. Our O-Line has been a patchwork line for the last two years. John Jerry came out of the game twice today. Whether you believe it or not, that disrupts the chemistry of the whole Offense. The Dolphins are on the right track and this group of players are growing up right before our eyes. Henne is going to be real good and with the addition of another deep threat< he can be great. The PHINS will beat the Ravens next Sunday. I can't wait..!!
Who the hell is David in "El A"?? Get off our board ass wipe..!! You dont even have a damn team to root for. If you dont understand the game, then keep your lame comments to yourself because its making yousound ignorant..!! The PHINS will beat the Ravens in Baltimore. Final Score: Miami-21 Baltimore-13
Thought provoking..!!
Think about this boys...!!
Naples Jack, The Tatumm hit on Stingley was a clean hit!! You better go back and watch it again. There was nothing illegal about it. What pisses me off is that controversial "tuck rule" when the Raiders played the Pats in Foxboro in that snowy play-off game. The Raiders got ripped big time on that play!! There would be no Tom Terrific or any of this Bellichik is genius crap..!! Even the helicopter hit on Nat Moore by the dirty Jets D was a legal hit. Moore is lucky he didn't get hurt. What Stingley experienced was a freak accident and it is very unfortunate because he seemed like a good guy! Those Pats teams were different than the new cheatin' version that hoodie & Tommie Twerp have developed.
Naples Jack, Bellicheat is the biggest arrogant piece of dog turd that the NFL has ever seen. He got what he deserved..!! Anyone would have punted and made Manning earn it by giving him a long field. The only reason that I could see him even go for it- would be that his "D" was completely tanked and gased out. This decision will have lingering effects for the rest of the season. It showed that he had no faith in his Defense. I think they will lose their next two games against the Jets and Saints and the Phins will win their next two against the Panthers and the Bills. That would put both teams at 6-5 and set up a showdown in Miami for the AFC East Crown. I think Joey Porter lost his starting job because of his mouth and will now end up rotating with Charlie Anderson and Cameron Wake. This will be a good thing for the Defense. As far as Ronnie Brown, I think he will be out longer than expected. Parcells needs to talk to Pioli in Kansas City and pick-up Larry Johnson off of waivers before the Bengals do. It would be a beautiful thing to have Ricky, Larry Johnson and a healthy Ronnie Brown in the backfield. Maybe we can run the "wishbone"?? LOL!! As far as Henne goes, this kid will be great! He will take us to the big game more than once and we will win it all. I have not given up on this season and I do believe that we are starting to jell on Offense with Henne. I think that final drive against the Bucs has given this team some much needed confidence on the Offensive side of the ball. I also think we found a TE that can catch the ball and block. Fasano was not cutting it..!! Ricky will have to pick up the load now and I think that Kory Sheets needs to be activated for the Panthers games. We have to continue running the Wild Cat with Pat White as the option QB. We need to keep Ginn on special teams and add Patrick Turner to the WR corps. This way we can have Bess, Camarillo, Hartline and Turner. Haynos and Sperry would be the TEs. The Offensive Lineman that replaced Smiley did a good job. If Smiley cannot play, he will have to step it up again this Thursday against Julius Peppers and that Panther Defense. I think he can and will do a great job if Smiley cannot play. Defensively, I think we can stop their running game by containing DeAngelo Hall. Steve Smith must be taken out of the game by using a combination of man to man and zone coverages. We will have to bring the heat on Delhome and pressure him the whole game. I see Taylor, Wake, Anderson, Porter, Ferguson and Starks all having a huge game..!! Carolina is a good team with lots of talent. I think we can beat them if we show up and play the physical football that we are capable of playing. We need this game to even our record at 5-5. We can do it- we just need to go out there and dominate from start to finish and play a complete game on both sides of the ball. This will spring board us and get us on a roll to finish off the season and repeat as AFC EAST CHAMPS..!! It will happen and I still believe we can be the first team ever to host a Super Bowl on our home field. It's not what you do in the first half of the season that counts but what you do in the second half of the season. Realistically, we can only lose one more game. 10-6 might help us win the division or get us a Wild Card but it would be nicer to finish off 11-5 and end up 5-1 in the Division. We are now 4-5...we need 7 consecutive wins to absolutely guarentee us a play-off berth and 11 straight wins to win it all (depending on what seed we are). If the 1972 Dolphins can go 17-0, why can't the 2009 Dolphins go 11-0?? The 2008 Dolphins went on a winning streak last year to capture the AFC EAST Crown and get us in the post season, so why can't we repeat that feat? I believe that we can and we starts this Thursday night in Carolina. The Phins are about to make history once again. BELIEVE PEOPLE..!!! ITS GOING TO HAPPEN...!! GO PHINS..!!
Shadow, Lindsay Soto (NFL Network) graduated from El Toro High School in 1994. She is 33 years old and a workaholic. Do you know if she's married? She is a USC Trojan graduate (1998). I must say she is smokin' hot and I like her a lot better than Erin Andrews, although Erin is taller but this Lindsay gal has something charismatic about her that gets your attention! This interview is funny because she asks Bobby Ryan of the Anaheim Ducks how big his stick is. The reaction on his face says it all..!! LMAO!! Enjoy..!!
OC, You are absolutely right- Mel Brooks and Don Rickles were witty comedians that didn't need to get racial or crude to get a good laugh. They would use whoever was present as their comedy skit and just cap on them the whole night. It was pure genius..!!
LOL..!! Yhea Tom, its good to be back and watching the Phins be competitive with our new 24 year old QB from Michigan by the name of Chad Henne. I think he might start making Ted Ginn look like a real footbal player or at least a speed burner that can catch the long ball..!! I don't worry much about the Bostonian these days. The Pats are history. Rex Ryan is the new nemisis..!! He reminds me of a ButterBall Turkey ready to be cooked. LOL!! Big Game against Brees and the Saints..!! It ought to be a whail of a game!! I CAN'T WAIT..!! GO PHINS..!!
Tom, The Brees deal was fixed. The NFL and the Commish blocked the trade to Miami. They did not want to lose any revenue after the Hurrican Katrina disaster in New Orleans, so they wanted to make sure the Saints were competitive so that they could make up for the loss of reconstructing the Superdome. The Saints being the hottest team right now is by design. The doctor that bull shitted Saban was the guy the league payed off to give that bogus medical report on Brees. Whats done is done. I think the Phins have finally found their QB in Chad Henne and I do believe he will deliver the goods and bring us home some Lomabardi Trophies. It will be a good game on Sunday and a good test for the Phins young secondary against all of those Saints WRs. I think the Phins will squeak one out in a hard fought game that they will earn..!! GO PHINS..!!
Naples Jack, When in doubt, you definitely sink the pink but just make sure that it doesn't stink..!! LMAO!! Where is Patty Puke-Bostonian turn coat?? I guess he's a Yankee's Fan right about now!!
Shadow, The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California are done and so are the Los Angeles Dodgers after that heartbreaking defeat last night..!! OUCH! That had to hurt!!
Mike 1, You amaze me with your insightful B.S. that is based on nothing more than "media hype" and power of suggestion ESPN brainwashing...!!! The PATS are DONE..!! They had to run up the score against the Titans to make the window dressing looking good. They are no longer a legitimate contender for the AFC East Crown or the AFC Representative in the Super Bowl. 59-0 against an injury depeleted team does not make you world beaters..!! As far as the 72' Phins go, you can slice the pie whatever way you want and look at it from whatever angle you want but the outcome will always be the same. The 1972 Miami Dolphins were a perfect 17-0 and Super Bowl Champions. There is no speculation. There is no theroy comparing "then to now" that can explain anything about it. You just have to accept it for what it was and that is....PERFECTION..!! When it comes to "PERFECTION" all you can do is admire it and say WOW. It's a lot harder than people think and it's rare even in the modern era. 18-1 doesn't cut the mustard. It was probably the most humiliating season ever for a team like the Pats to endure. Comparing a past Champion with a modern Champion is just plain stupid. Every NFL season is different and you never know whats going to happen. Miami was definitely PERFECT for one glorious season and that is something that will NEVER EVER be taken away from us. WE WERE THE PERFECT CHAMPIONS..!! The dedication, preparation, determination and never say die attitude is something that we should all marvel at. The game was a lot more violent back then than it is now, so you had to have gutts and the 1972 Dolphins had all the gutts and glory..!! Screw your theories we're still the only Undefeated Team in the NFL and that is something that every Dolphin Fan can be proud of. WE have an excellent franchise with a glorious history..!! Now back to the present, you are putting Denver, the Ravens and the Bengals ahead of us? Gimme a break..!! Really man, stop watching all the B.S. sports shows and start thinking outside the box if you can. We are starting to gell and play hard nosed physical football. I have a feeling the Defense is going to show up big against the Saints this Sunday and rattle Brees and create numerous turnovers. They are definitely overdue and I beleive this is the game they do it in because of the match-ups that favor us in many key areas. This season is all about respect. We have not gotten any respect from the media or other teams we've faced. Chad Henne changes all of that- because our passing game, will now come alive..!! We will finally be able to go vertical and get the big pass play that we've lacked for years. Henne is the guy..!! You have never said anything good about the Fins which makes me believe your a Patsie Fan. As far as Marino, it's just his opinion or maybe not? These guys get paid to say certain things and promote certain players. Manning will have all of the passing records when its all said and done and the NFL knows it. He's the poster boy! I know if we get another crack at them in the play-offs we can take Indy. Their D-Line is undersized and weak. Marino was one of the all time greats that ever played the game. One Super Bowl appearance does not diminish the superior talent that you possess and Marino definitely had the gift and was a proven winner by looking at all of the stats and more importantly- "wins" that he had. Dan had the most heart and passion that I have ever seen a QB have. He made everyone else around him better. If he would have had a better supporting cast, he would have won several Super Bowls. So if you want to talk shit and take a cheap shot at one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game-then do it and look like a moron. Criticize him for his comment but don't criticize him as a player. Big Difference!!
Shadow, Have you seen the Chargers injury report? They are going to be hurting big time! How can you say that we will be 0-3 after Sunday? The Raiders beat them up and the Ravens pounded them last week. If we can continue to pound the ball with Ronnie and Ricky and use some play action passing to mix it up, then I think we can be very effective from here on out. The Chargers are beatable but we have to go out on the field and prove it. I feel like we found our identity tonight- we are a power running team that will throw off of play action.
This is one of the most demoralizing losses that I have ever witnessed as far as the Fins are concerned. How can you win the time of possession battle, bulldoze the opposition on the ground and still manage to lose the game? Peyton Manning had way too much time to survey the field. The defense only had one sack on him. Where was Jason Taylor? You have to give credit to the the Colts O-Line. They are as good as advertised. Our secondary got torched by Manning for over 300 yards. Dallas Clark killed us with 7 receptions for 183 yards and 1 TD. Joseph Addai and Reggie Wayne were both held in check all game (which was the only bright spot) but we gave up big play after big play..!! The Fins did everything right except score more points. Fasano should have caught that Pennington pass for a TD. Carpenter should have made that field goal that he missed and it would have been 27-26 with three minutes left and the Fins needing only a field goal to win it instead of a touchdown. The Colts field goal right before the half that creeped in- was pure luck and could have been the difference in the game. Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams both had huge games and combined for over 200 yards rushing. Ted Ginn believe it or not had 11 receptions for 108 yards but missed some crucial catches in crunch time..!! If he would have caught that Pennington throw in the endzone where he had two hands on the ball, then the Fins would have won the game and no one would be talking smack about how we played the best we could and still lost. We need a home run threat! I'm really starting to believe that Ginn is not the guy..!! I think we are going to destroy San Diego at their place. The Chargers will be hurting on their Offensive Line losing two key starters. There are also other key injuries at key positions that the Fins can exploit..!! I think if we can run the ball with authority like we did tonight- then we should be able to pound teams into oblivion. Manning is like Marino, they can beat you in so many different ways and he proved once again tonight that he is the best improvisational QB in the league. What happened tonight was a combination of a great QB playing at a high level and poor defensive play on the Fins part. If they would have made the Colts earn it or stopped them a couple of times, then they would have won this game. The Fins must put this emotional game behind them and start thinking about the Chargers. Phillip Rivers is no Peyton Manning. He is a good QB but the Fins know what they are up against. We match up well against them and we beat the same team last year except they will be without a few key starters this time around. It will be a good game! If the Fins can stop Sproles which I believe they can and stop Antonio Gates and Chris Chambers, then I think we can seriously win this game. LT is out so that will really help out..!! I think that we found our identity tonight- we are a power running team that can also pass off of play action. We need to continue in this direction if we are to remain successful this season. Ted Ginn needs to look at himself in the mirror and ask himself what do I need to do to improve on my "yards after catch" and what do I need to work on to become the clutch wide out for this team and be considered an elite WR in the NFL? The Defense better work their asses off this week because the Chargers are going to look at the Indy film and see what worked and use that over and over again. We need to be prepared and come out swinging. The next two games are must win games for us: Chargers and Bills. We need to be 2-2 before we have the showdown with the Jets. First things first, we need to concentrate on the Chargers and getting a huge win in San Diego. I will make the trip out to the West Coast to see the game live..!! WIN BIG FINS..!!
NaplesJack, Where the hell have you been hiding? Still rooting for the cheatin' Pats I see..!! The Pats are going nowhere this year and will up with a losing season. Yes, you heard it here first. The injury bug will plague them this year and Brady will go down with another injury. It's going to be between the Fins and the Jets for the AFC East Title.
Hey Kurt, where is the $50.00 bucks you owe me from last year? Your word means nothing and you have no credibility as far as making bets and keeping your word. YOU SUCK MAN!! PAY UP a man not a worm..!!
It saddens me to hear about Monte Clark dying of such a horrible disease. He was the master mind behind those great Dolphin O-Lines that made three straight Super Bowl appearances and opened up huge holes for Czonka, Kiick and Morris. He was a class act and will be sorely missed. His name should be in the ring of honor with all the other all time greats! I remember when he coached the Lions and some moron kept on insisting that he was Alex Karras. There is a slight resemblance but Monte was not a hot head like Karras was- he was calm, cool and collective! He will be missed! Rest in peace!
AzPhinatic, Traditonally we play very well against Peyton Manning and the Colts. They used to play in the AFC East. Jason Taylor always has a big game against them. Anthony Gonzalez went down and it will be one less weapon for Manning to use...this should help our cause a bit as far as match-ups go. I like our chances and I think that we can definitely win this one at home. If we can establish the run with Ricky and Ronnie, then we should be able to open up the play action pass and get a score or two with Ginn or Camarillo racing down field. Defensively I think Reggie Wayne, Joseph Addai and Dallas Clark will be the key targets that we need to keep in check. If we can pressure Manning like I know we can, I think we can force some turnovers. We will need to capitalize off of those turnovers and score points. I would put Sean Smith on Reggie Wayne. AS far as Dallas Clark goes, we can use a zone scheme where Jason Taylor covers him short, while Will Allen or Vontae Davis can cover him deep with either Yeremiah Bell or Wilson offering help on the deep passes. If our O-Line establishes itself and dominates the line of scrimmage like they are capable of, then Ronnie and Ricky can both have huge games. I think that each one of them can over 100 yards if the O-Line plays pissed off..!! We beat the Colts....we just have to do it on the field Monday Night! GO FINS!!