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Toms Hardware had a very summary of the whole anti alias stuff:,2868-3.html For myself I think this anti alias is complete unnessary. The resolution of the monitors is already almost that high, that it is very hard two distinguish pixels (depends of course of your setup, like screen size, dpi, viewing distance, etc...). But if I would get the impression that there are too much aliasing artifacts I have an very easy solution (which not every can do): I wear (weak) glasses. I just put them off, afterwards everything I can still see fine, but its slightly smoothed => no stairs ;-)
At the hardware (hardware as screwdrivers, iron, ... and not as HDD, CPU...) stores here the folks sometimes drives scooters, that are powered by an electric accu drill/screwdriver which you can plug at the rear wheel, looks really funny. But the best comes: The manufacturer (Bosch) makes every year races with such "machines". This year the "HAWK", is not build, no it is PRINTED with a 3D-printer. If that isn´t geeky, I dont know what it is.
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Jun 10, 2011