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Mister Secretary, I run a website mostly interested in promoting the benefits of the Tampa Bay Area. Not only would the 49 other States have to pay back China for the loan to pay for High Speed Rail, with interest, but Chinese, not American countries would be mostly involved in the construction of the infrastructure in Florida and on top of that, a 50th State would have to contribute to the Federal taxpayer pool for our own gift - Florida. Frankly we don't want nor need your money. When it makes economic sense to replace the I-4 with your proposed money tree with leave falling all over the reach of Florida voters and taxpayers, we'll build our own. Thanks but no thanks.
It is my sincere observation that the Governor, like President Obama was handed a difficult plate when taking Office. I voted for neither. I voted for Sarah Palin, with McCain on the ticket as a side-show and for Alex Sink. Not enough good can be said about how great Alex did as CFO and Jeff Atwater seems to be doing just as well, thank God. Look at our mess - Florida's primary revenue sources, tourism and appraised Real Estate tax receipts are WAY down. IN order to do the right thing, Governor Scott has to do a LOT of things that won't go over well among the equally overpaid political pundits working for Florida's news organizations, who unlike Scott don't have to do anything for a living but run their fat, lazy mouths. Nor will some of the budget cuts go over well with the organized opposition, primarily Democrats and largely in the public service sector most at risk for cuts if Scott handles a tremendous budget challenge by doing the right thing. One can not keep services without raising taxes, but one can keep tax revenues where they are by reducing services. If doing the right thing were easy, then everyone would already be doing it. It's not easy to do what Rick Scott is attempting to do, and so of course I'd expect he's just letting these attacks by the biased pundits with a clear agenda to go in one ear, and out the other. If he's not, then shame on him. Governor Scott - just ignore these fools. Unlike you, no one elected them to do, be or say anything. Same goes for Rushed Limbaugh and the rest of Radioland, for that matter.
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It is just an objective observation that Rick Scott never met a lawyer before who wasn't working for him, and as most of the Legislature began in the career field of lawyer with little or no experience in business, the only real businessmen they ever knew were the ones they met with a suitcase full of cash at lobbyist parties or fundraisers. As there is so little in common between the way Scott existed as a businessman and how most of the State House & State Senate are staffed as lawyers, OF COURSE they can't see eye to eye!
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Feb 17, 2011