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Chris In Cuba you are a "Yuma". You are allowed to do and say whatever you want. A Cuban is allowed to adscribe to your line of political thoughts to extract money, particularly if you are one of those Canadians with a Che beret. The opinion of a hard-currency carrying tourist is not relevant, and even party officials will agree with you if you invite them to a beer. They have several "rolls of film", one for commies and another for "gusanos". Not Cubans. Cubans are not allowed to express themselves in public, and if they are overheard by a confident they might end up in jail. They are not allowed to write, to read independent free press and dish antennas are forbidden. Even Spanish glamour magazines are forbidden. No need to kidnapp children to indoctrinate them. The entire education system is just political indoctrination.
Long armed ape fellow - aka Warthog You only have to consider yourself what you are. Much healthier for your tormented soul. You are a no-push, dickless freak born as a dickless, no-push, cartucho-coloured Rican whose cucaracha mother shat in some cucaracha infested tenement in the Bronx.
Perdón, me refería a Nonee Moose, él es el portorro loco. Lleva más de 5 años hablando la misma mierda.
El tal Juan Válquez es un portorro loco, feo y jabao que vive del chequecito del ejército y de fingir que vive en una silla de ruedas. En otro de sus nicks presumía de ser descendiente de los peregrinos del Mayflower, y en otro presumía de ser un oficial de los Guardacostas a favor de ametrallar a los guardacostas. Odia a los cubanos debido a que un empresario cubano lo echó de una barraca que tenía por el rio Miami, vivía allí como un cerdo, cobrando el cheque, todo el día borracho, metiéndose pastillas. No sé donde vivirá ahora que tumbaron los hoteles de winos. Cuando se pone muy mal, muy loco, va a la biblioteca pública y se conecta a Internetpara insultar a los cubanos.
¡Pero si tú eres un portorro renegado! ¿Ya no quieres entender el Spanish, jabao?
The Juan Velázquez character rings a bell in my memory. He was the same character present in every post in this same board a few years ago, maybe five or six years ago. He's Puerto Rican, but in his deranged mind he believes himself to be a WASP, a direct descendant of the Pilgrims. He received some army instruction (his previous nick was Warthog) and receives disability payments from the Government. He lives in a shack near Miami river and writes from a public library. He hates Cubans to death. More than hate I'd say is envy and resentment. He accuses Cubans of calling him "jabao" or mulatto with reddish or blondish hues. In other of his impersonations, he had a real Anglo nick and he portrayed a retired Coast Guard officer that favoured strafing Cuban rafts. He's a complete "nutcase".
Chicano Cubans!!! What's that? Hell...he's sure one of those half-Polish, half-Eskimo, half-nobodyknows living in a slum out west.