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We strive to always respond to every customer email promptly, and almost always reply the same day. When I questioned my staff about an email from "Brian Sedgwick", nobody remembered responding. I have also not been able to find an email from "Brian Sedgwick" in our email system. I'm wondering, did you collect any information on how many emails were actually delivered and/or opened by the recipients? This would be a critical piece of information in interpreting the results of your exercise. What method did you use to send the emails? (Individually sent, bcc, bulk email system?). Many people who send emails to their opt-in mailing lists would consider an open rate of 25% pretty good. After all, a good number of emails sent this way end up being filtered out and never make it to their destination. Considering that, a ~50% same day response rate to your email might actually have been pretty good. I am feeling conflicted. On the one hand,I do hope that the email to (the address at NYW&GF, and the recipient address of our contact form) arrived to our inbox, indicating that our email system is functioning properly with every email. On the other hand, if we did receive it, we may have dropped the ball. Perhaps you could share Mr. Sedgwick's email address and some additional metrics about your email send methods, delivery, bounce and open rates so that we might more effectively search for Mr. Sedgwick's email and better determine which the case may be. Thanks.
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Apr 11, 2011