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It's very clear like sunshine in the summertime./ Posted by: williams46 | January 28, 2010 at 09:25 AM ______ Ok now I KNOW you Don't live in Miami. It's never sunny in the summer. Man you live under a BIG rock.
WE need UD and Wright because besides Wade/Beas/JO these are the only 5 on the team that can put up points.... AKA Trade Q/Jones/and our first round pick. We need somebody who is a certifiable scorer... lets hope Cook can get outta the deep freeze with his all star 3 pt contest. Posted by: hatetosayit | January 28, 2010 at 09:07 AM _______ We don't need UD and Wright is hit or miss. He is due his usual 10 game disappearing act real soon. As for UD, if Beasley got the damn starters mins he deserves he would probably, no easily, cover the 10ppg that UD puts up. Beasley playing out of position for 10 mpg is a complete waste and a farce that other teams have already picked up on. They simply weather the Wade storm in the 1st quarter knowing that at the beginning of the 2nd the Heat will push Beasley to SF and put a bunch of offensively challenged scrubs around him almost completely erasing his possibilities of scoring. I bet if we check the games, the Heat is constantly outscored in the 2nd quarter.
Ira just showed his true colors. If there was any doubt about his allegiance to Haslem and HATE for Beasley, it's gone now. Had Haslem gone out injured and returned it would have been: a valiant effort or warrior type return. Beasley returns and is bashed for missing a defensive rotation, while Haslem was abused like Precious.
Kevin Love with 20-10 Posted by: Ohshz | January 27, 2010 at 09:22 PM ___________ In a blowout loss. The whole game was garbage time.
So does Spo deflect the Beasley injury being a reason for defeat? Probably does, he wouldn't want to upset his binkie(Haslem). That's my new name for Haslem.
Dust off Cook and Arroyo...something, anything. Put Magloire in to foul a couple times. Come on, status quo is not going to win this game.
Arroyo? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
Ok I'll definitely take Bosh, he's been smart enough on back2back poss to dbl Wade. While the rest of the Raps are still guarding the d-leaguers like fools.
Ok I'll definitely take Bosh, he's been smart enough on back2back poss to dbl Wade. While the rest of the Raps are still guarding the d-leaguers like fools.
Thank goodness that Triano and the Raps are idiots. They have gone away from Barg for some stupid reason. How badly does he need to abuse Haslem to keep getting the ball? Go Raps! Keep shooting Calderon!
Sietes Minutos: Bring in Haslem. Oh fock he's already in.
Can we goto a zone to protect Haslem?
I guess the bull's eye on Haslem back must be in Canadian, because Spo can't see it.
WTF WAS HASLEM DOING!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Triano is as sorry as Spo. A good coach would've dbl'd Wade immediately. Who the heII else is gonna score right now? No one.
$3,000,000 that Wade doesn't start the 4th.
This is painful to watch. It's gonna be dbl and tpl team Wade now in the 4th quarter, mark it down. Bet the Heat doesn't score 20pts in the quarter.
Isn't our defense supposed to be BETTER with Haslem? I thought that was the whole debate today, about how much BETTER our defense was WITH Haslem. Barg and Bosh are looking at Haslem like fresh meat at the state pen.
BTW I was thinking, shouldn't we put Dorell on Bargnani since the guy keeps shooting over Haslem? Posted by: cruicruise | January 27, 2010 at 08:23 PM ______ Doesn't everybody shoot over Haslem.
spo had a lineup of.. chalmers wright james jones (thawed from a deep freeze) haslem anthony... -please tell me, who of these creates their own shot??? Who is the playmaker??? No wonder the heat lead dissipated fast! I cant criticize without aoffering a solution. -my solution? Either (or/and) a) put arroyo at the point and chalmers at the 2. Thsi way you have someone who can create in arroyo, plus he is a true pg. Chalmers is not. b) Jermaine at the 5. At least he can hit shots at the high or low post. Anthony is a d-leaguer on 28 other teams. -Either on (or both) of those moves, gives heat a better balance on offense, instead of that "4 man jump shooting team" (anthony couldnt hit the earth if he fell out of a plane) Posted by: doctorb | January 27, 2010 at 08:19 PM ____________ Spo never deviates from the handbook. So Wade and JO HAD to goto the bench. Any small deviation would have caused a rip in the time space continuum
I confuse McHale and Kahn. All the idiots in Minnesota blend together in my mind. You're right in that case, Grunsfeld easily. Posted by: Chris | January 27, 2010 at 06:25 PM ______ Kahn's draft last year was questionable, to be kind, but he did make a really good deal. He traded Foye and Miller to Wash.
Which one of these three would you take? Say the deal is the same for any one of the three - expiring + draft picks. Ellis? Stoudemire? Gay? I would take Gay, simply becuz he fits nicely into our SF hole. I do like Ellis and if we had atleast a decent SF would go for him, but since we got Rafer and he's decent I would vote for Gay.
Nah. David Kahn, easily. Traded OJ Mayo for Kevin Love. Drafted three lottery point guards, and traded the best one that would have played for them in Ty Lawson. Drafted Rubio, despite having the intention of drafting two other point guards and signing a Ramon Sessions just to do something controversial and stroke his own ego. Put himself ahead of the franchise. Posted by: Chris | January 27, 2010 at 06:11 PM _______ Kahn didn't trade Mayo. Mchale did that stupidity. Also the three draft picks didn't cost Minne 18mil/yr and then get suspended for a whole year. On top of that Grunfeld signed Arenas to the deal while Arenas was seriously injured.
SOrry I thought Arenas was in his third year of the deal he's in his second season.... Either way I vote Ernie Grunfeld now as the No. 1 worst GM ever. Isaiah's fock ups never brought guns to MSG.