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Cato scored? That little yellow swine. I just had to break that out. Done before?
I am 100% certain the defense will be stout in this thrilling affair.
I wonder if Rolfe will play against the Bucks next week in Pontiac. Rolfe is the only guy that I saw beat & score maybe my all-time favorite Buck: Nate Craft. Of course back then Rolfe played for the Fire Premier, not the Fire.
We're gonna kick some Chicago tail! But it would be easier if Scotty Caldwell plays. And I'm not sure who should play up top with Kenny. Coach Parsons has some things to work on. And with a short turnaround time we may not see them on Saturday against Hamilton. Go Bucks!
I wonder if Parkhurst would have won that award if he hadn't been manning a 3-man back line. The guys is genetically suited for it. Props to him for succeeding on a 4-man line. Took awhile though.
Steve Clark & Honefoss play on Sunday. Please edit.
Toggle Commented May 10, 2012 on Americans Abroad: A Look Ahead at Soccer By Ives
Terry certainly has declined. But if Roy's system is played with the requisite discipline Terry will get sufficient cover. The problem is, how do you get the training time necessary to make Roy's system stick?
Can't wait to kick some Jersey Shore tail. Go Bucks!
I thought the 2009 dos-a-cero might have been Frankie's best Nats game. He broke up a basketful of Mex possessions. After that game you could still make a case for him on the 2010 roster. But not much longer.
The usual sites change quite regularly. is toast.
Always like to hear from someone who thinks we should have lost the Cold War!
Hassli. Two reasons, both Kasey Keller. The first is Keller's pathetic handwave after he is already beaten. Does he really think he has a prayer? Is he hoping to knock the ball out should it hit the crossbar? Either way, KK ends up looking like Wile E Coyote holding one of those tiny umbrellas as the anvil falls. Second is the look on KK's face after the goal. This guy has played successfully at the highest level in the world. He knows darn well what he has just seen and its written all over his mug. I don't know if my judgment is sound enough to make a choice. But I know KK's judgment is. Hassli.
O has to take care of family members first.
Valentin, Sarkodie, Barson, Caldwell and Speas all play for the Bucks during the summer. Its nice to see them doing so well in the offseason. Go Bucks!
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Mar 1, 2010