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Christophe Fondacci
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If you want to go one step further with version control of your database schemas, branching / merging your developments, automate the incremental delivery generation from version information you can take a look at neXtep designer : It is a free GPL product which currently supports Oracle, MySql and PostgreSql (DB2 is on the way). It is a complete database IDE based on Eclipse RCP. In the environment, you actually work on an "offline" version control repository which you synchronize with your development database. Once a development is made you can commit it and generate a delivery from version information. A standalone installer will then be able to deploy your delivery and will check your target database structure to validate the deployment. Among other things, the IDE offers data model diagrams, dependency management, version control, reverse synchronization, modular data models, integrated SQL client, SQL editors, auto-completion, etc. The product has already been adopted by some leading e-business companies in France. Any feedback would be highly appreciated. Complete documentation, tutorials, demos, concepts overview could also be found in the wiki : Christophe
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Oct 23, 2010