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Wow! You got me! :)
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Great on the three things. Last year I had a roof leak. Never tried repairing it myself before, but what i did worked like a charm. First, I climbed into attic & traced up the truss to where the water was coming in & marked it with a sharpie. Then I bought some shingles, roofing felt paper & roofing "sealant". Back to the attic with a drill & coat hanger. I drilled the location I marked & pushed the coat hanger through. Then, outside, I found the hanger & carefully removed the shingles around the hole. Then, I cut the felt paper to overlap the area nicely, smeared it with goo, & nailed a couple of new shingles back into place. Worked like a charm. I got a great sense of accomplishment fixing it myself.
Toggle Commented Dec 15, 2008 on my roof is leaking; life is good at WWdN: In Exile
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Check out, dude. I'm not affiliated with them, but it works.
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Almost 20 years ago, my wife & another couple introduced me to D&D. We played a fair bit over the next two years. Then we all had kids, and hadn't played for years. We still talk about the crazy adventures we had during that initial gaming period. As our kids got older (they range from early teens to six), we began gaming again, with the kids. They love it as much or more than we do. I look forward to gaming so much; it's a great time to get together for good times. Funny, we all work in computer related fields, but it's nice to unplug.
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Recently installed Ubuntu for the first time (on an iMac G4). The last time I did anything like that was intalling BSD on a Mac IIci. I was surprised how idiot-proof the Ubuntu install is. I like the software update mechanism, and almost everything NEEDED seems to be baked-in. Very usable; this is the first distro I have even consider using to switch my parents to Linux. Only catch on PPC: no flash plug-in. Minor detail; I guess this would be an excellent choice for a PC laptop (assuming no problems getting the wireless card to work).
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