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Over the years, I have developed a rather expensive taste for great wine...a taste that probably exceeds my budget at times. :-) And, I have to tell you that I have had this Altos Malbec, above, many times. While it is not fantastic, it is very good. In fact, for the price, it is almost the perfect every-day drinking wine. I ended up buying several cases back when it was still on the shelf, and it may interest some to know that this ended up on the WS top 100 wines of the year. -Mike, Author and Blogger
Toggle Commented Aug 22, 2007 on Two more Malbecs for now at Water into Wino
I found your site, and you have hit the nail right on the head with your theme. With wine, it is all about finding great wine at uninflected prices. Sure, anyone can go out and purchase a good bottle of wine for $50 or more (although I have had some big disappointments in this area!). What I look for are those rare gems, perhaps an undiscovered bottle or vineyard, where the price is in the $10-20 range, but yield the same quality characteristics present in higher (sometimes, much higher) priced wines. The key is research, so you will know when you have found one of these gems when you stumble across one. This blog certainly provides some nice tips in this area. Nice job :) -Mike, Author and Blogger
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