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Nice lineup Tommy. Glad to see I'm not the only NJ food blogger to actually leave the state to experience restaurants outside Essex or Bergen County. That tomato pie.....just don't get it, but would have to try based on it making your list. Went to Kimchi Smoke a couple weeks ago, I think it's in your neck of the woods. Darn tasty brisket. Abe Fisher.....that dude gets tasty food. Veronique
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First of all, I love reviews that make fun of big portions...seems a certain food writer in NJ starts every review with "the portions were huge" as if that's always a positive. I'm with you about Arthur Avenue....tourist trap restaurants with decent food shops. Last time I went, the resto we hit up didn't have a menu. Diners simply said if they were in the mood for veal, chicken, beef or seafood. Sort of like that, but the output was lackluster. Looking forward to more entertaining posts from you in 2016. Happy 2016. Veronique
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I'm glad you reviewed this wine as I really enjoy both the Cab Franc and the Riesling by Ravines after discovering them at a NYC event a few months back. I've reviewed both myself. Good call.
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Jan 12, 2010