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Never heard the stealing thing. That is a new one....but if true that would explain an awful They probably don't want him but don't want that info out about him either.
Well Stanky33, Shannon went to Norland High School I believe. These coaches need to get over themselves though. I hate when coaches take their personal gripes and force it on kids. That is morally wrong. It is apparently a disagrement but the university offers much more than running a football. It offers a kid the opportunity at a great education close to home.
Shannon can't comment on the players but if you can get him to comment on the situation we would appreciate the effort Shandel. That christopher wright is the smartest guy on this board. Probably because that happens to be
Well I get the feeling someone isn't telling the truth in this Chandler saga. I'm not saying it is chandler or the coaches but they have varying versions of an offer being made/pulled.
Huh? How can I be first? Anyway, great story about Barton. I don't know much about him.
Here is what I heard. He never even had an offer from Miami. They wanted to see some things from him this year prior to an offer. They weren't in contact with him because they weren't seeing what they were looking for. Miami's job is to recruit so I never understood when players say why are you recruiting more players at my position. They would be stupid not to recruit all the players than can at a position of need. You can't come in and think you are good enough to tell the University of Miami coaches how to do their job. Now, if he is a big time player like I have often heard from the recruiting services (By the way I don't think those services are worth the hair on my backside with these ratings) then he would be going to UF or FSU or Ohio State wouldn't he? USF? Puleeez!
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This is Shannons third year Top Cane. Give him time. Maybe he is better than Jimmy Johnson. It is way too early to tell. I love J.J. but let's be real. He took over a National Championship caliber team and Shannon took over a red headed step child with freckles. This is a major rebuilding project. Also, Jimmy Johnson only has one National Championship at Miami the last time I checked. Maybe Shannon ends up improving on that.
Shandel....I am wondering if that was Shannon that got up in your grill? gotta give you props for that one cause you definitely gotta call them like you see them. These coaches should try to understand that it goes a long way towards your credibility.
Lives not too far from me. Kid is a true baller. I had no idea we even had a remote shot at this guy. Thought he was a lock for MSU. Then heard he committed to LSU as a silent.
I think we need understand that this team has come a very long way but aren't where we need to be yet. We aren't at the point where we will play well every single game, week in and week out. Heck, even th top 3 teams aren't doing that with the posible exception of Alabama. Those are teams that have very good experience and coaching staffs that aren't in thier first year together. While I agree with Shandel, the team was inconsistent it is a win I will take any day all things considered. Injuries, new staff, in state rivalry game, etc. A 20 point win is acceptable.
Time for the cane to: RELEASE THE HOUNDS!!!
DA U is back to shuttin stupid fools up and putting them back in thier place. Sammynole, please stop with the sour grapes. We don't care what your little program did against an inferior opponent last week. We don't care if you go 0-12 in fact. That has absolutely nothing to do with how we roll. We are Da U fool. Recognize it!
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Randy Shannon for King
Jacory Harris for Mayor