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Sean Brady
I own and manage the FormbyFirst free community focused web site.
Interests: I am a retired Senior Lecturer in Teacher Education. I became interested in 'New Media' while I was a student at St Mary's College, Twickenham, where I studied Drama alongside Pete Postlethwaite and others. I have maintained an interest in 'New Media' throughout my personal and professional life. I like photography, video and audio production, designing web sites, local politics and crown green bowling. I am particularly interested in the development of 'hyperlocal' blog sites. I have a long history of involvement in public affairs. I first stood for election in 1979. I was eventually elected to serve as a ward councillor for Linacre ward, Sefton MBC in 1980. I served until I retired from Sefton in 1987. For several years afterwards I was a Green party Member and served very briefly as Co-Chair. I stood for Parliament 3 times since 1979. Then I became a member of Formby Parish Council(2003-2011) and Little Altcar Parish Council(1995-2004 and November 2012 - May 2015). I was Chair of the 10 Parish Councils for Sefton for a number of years and also represented them as a member of Sefton MBC's Local Strategic Partnership.
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A new recognition scheme, celebrating Sefton residents for being good citizens, is being launched by Sefton CVS and the Sefton Mayor’s Office. Citizens 4 Good hopes to recognise local people for good deeds, kindness and support they provide to other members of their community. The scheme is a joint initiative... Continue reading
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