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I don't take issue with your results. I do take issue with your interpretation. Using your results to state that "people can't hear a difference at bitrates above 128kbps" and "nobody can hear the difference between a 320kbps CBR audio file and the CD" while accurate for the average person (based on your statistics) cannot be said to be true 100% of the time. As you discovered in your experiment, there are always outliers. The people who make a living off of audio and audio quality; (and I don't mean DJ's, I mean Audio Engineers, Mastering Engineers and Audio technicians), I guarantee that any of these people worth their salt will be able to accurately assess each sample. You have conducted a good experiment and collected good data, on the AVERAGE person. it is important to make this clear when reporting your results. Because if your sample included more the above mentioned professionals, your results would look very different.
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Jun 27, 2012