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Wow, look at that line-up. Byrne, Claremont and Miller. That would have been something...
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Thanks Wil. I admire you and your blog and I just didn't want to be seen as abusing the comments section. Looking forward to seeing you at ECCC. Cheers
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Read the story last night. I liked it. I want to find out more about the world you created. I guess that's the mark of a good short story...leaves you wanting more. Thanks!
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I recently started a blog that focuses entirely on comic book adverts. It's updated every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I hope you don't view this as spam....I just want to share and it seems appropriate.
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As a fellow old man (mid-30's), I couldn't agree more. It really is the sense of entitlement that bugs me...although it's not just limited to young people.
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Feb 2, 2011