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Francine Baumann
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Hi Nick, I am an ultra-trailer from New Caledonia. I arrived in Hawaii lat July, and I think from several years to do a trek in Nepal. I am very interested in your proposition. Can you tell me what is the budget for this circuit (including flight)? Thanks by advance!
Very good idea Steeve... when it will be the time for Peacock, your body will thanks you by being so happy to run! I'll miss running with your enthusiastic comments! I'll be in mainland for 2 weeks mission... Have an enjoyable taper run!!!
Hello everybody, after a very nice training with some crazy and enthusiastic HURT runners last saturday morning (why HURT people love to wake up so early???) (thanks a lot Steve for this wonderful discovery of your top secret trails), and reading your comments, I think that I should better offer to help for the Peacock race... I can help for marking, or maybe accompanying runners, or what else could be helpful. Just let me know. Aloha!
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2011 on Peacock 100 info request at HURT Hawaii
OK Steve I'll leave home before 5:30. Thank you!
I'd like very much this option, I'll be very happy to discover the secret trails of North Shore. How long must I plan to drive from Kouli'ouou? Maybe somebody can drive me with him? A second question is: why everybody at HURT always wants to run so early??? I'm from New Caledonia and, as latin people, I am unable to go to bed early... Thanks to the ones who will answer!
Splendid adventure! I enjoyed a lot reading this funny and lively story... thanks so much for sharing your trip and your feelings
Hello I'm french from New Caledonia and I'm interested by this event. Please can you tell me which kind of ground it is (asphalt, wet ground, mud???) and the difference in altitude? Thank you by advance
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Aug 11, 2011