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Would it not be required that the article title is converted to sentence form? This is something that I have a problem with in Zotero. Although, I am pretty new to Zotero and am not sure if it's the program or me. My main tool is Bene Nota and it changes titles to sentence form. Hume-Pratuch, J. (2014, July 25). How to use the new DOI format in APA style [Blog post]. Retrieved from
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You know ... I'm not one of your long-time, love everything you did, back in the day fans. In fact, to some extent - I'm more of a casual observer rather than a true die-hard fan of Star Trek. However, I really must say that things like this and the whole new-era of your career has made me become a fan of yours. It was nice to (sort of) meet you in Calgary (as much as getting a photo can be said to be "meeting"), I really enjoy your BLOG and the thoughts therein. Your appearances on Big Bang and The Guild are a lot of fun. It's really nice to see a genuine moment like this one at Star Trek EXPOsed.
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"Fanatic" fandom has always baffled me. It seems odd to attach any part of your life or happiness to another person that you a) don't know and b) is playing a role that isn't themselves. Camping out to meet that person.... Yes, crazy is the word. As someone that does enjoy creativity and talent, I do like autograph sessions and photo ops - at the appropriate time and place. Plus, I respect that people are working and need to get paid while working and left alone when not. Personally, the autograph/photo is really my way of expressing that I appreciate the work the person does and want to create a personal biography of some I meet. Not to be rude, but I also am self-centered about it. It's a photo of the celeb with me, not the other way around. After all, I highly doubt that my photo is going in their collection! :) It would freak me out a little if it did actually. Your BLOG post makes sense and I can only imagine the frustration of being stalked. Personally, if a crowd separated me from my son - there would be punches to faces. As someone that does respect your acting choices and talents, it's embarrassing to think that an element, no matter how small, of fellow fans are being @ssholes. They are objectifying you - which sucks.
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Great artwork!!!
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Apr 13, 2011