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Frank Bisono
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Wow...what's with all the Ford hating here? People, the numbers don't lie. Ford has done a remarkable job at improving quality and listening to their customers. The products reflect that and the company is doing great as well as putting out top notch products. @ToyCrusher: Why the hell should Ford give any competitor a "chance" for anything? This is business and one-upping your competition is the name of the game. Government Motors is a complete mess right now, quite the contrast from Ford. I'm glad the new Mustang came out and kicked the Camaro's ass before it got out of the gate. Just further proof that Ford is leading the way. @Hi Bob from Taco World: Blocks are unsafe? Wow, really? I guess your engineering degree at Taco World is going to should be designing the next Raptor instead huh? Blocks may not be ideal for all applications, but they are perfectly safe if installed correctly. Now get off the site and go do something productive other than ruin a great article. Good job to the guys writing this. Looks like a fun day in Moab and a great writeup. Excellent pics but would have like to see video too!
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Nov 16, 2011