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Thank you for your comment. In my book I have a chapter concerning the very things you addressed in your email to me. You may want to check it out. You can download my book for free at thanks Frank DiMora
We have to be careful not to jump the gun every time we hear someone set dates for things to happen. Most of the time those dates never come to pass and all that happens is the person who said it gets egg in their face and people are worried for no reason. God has a time (perfect) time for all things and as you can now see from the warning about a few days has moved pass the date to almost a month past! It is best to stay focus on what Jesus says because people are coming out of the wood work who seem to want to be prophets but as you can see they are not correct which should rise the red flag for you. Frank
Summoner, So what part is bullshit as you say? The part that the Pope said nothing about Killing Christian's while at the same time feeling sorry for the dead 700 Muslims. Maybe the part about the Pope telling the world the Cross was a failure. I wish that part was bull however, that a is fact as ABC News reported it. Why is it that every time Christians stands up for sound doctrine as written in the Bible someone like yourself comes right out and calls me a Fanatic? The answer is simply some people resent the truth when they hear it so the next best thing is to try and paint that person as something society deems to the right. If being called a Fanatic because I stand on the Lord's very words then I want to thank you for your calling me a Fanatic. By the way, you stated that half of what I said was B.S so you then must have believe the other half was Truth! At least I have you 1/2 won over. Frank
Jesus has timing for everything and we all know in the last day knowledge would increase. If one finds he was not in line with scriptures he must change. After the Lord brought me facts from His word that I did not really search in-depth I saw I was compelled to change to line up with what Jesus said about the rapture. Thank you. Frank DiMora
I present my case you ask about in my book in the Rapture of the Church chapter Frank DiMora
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Ronald, I am sad to report that I have no more funds to print up hard copies of my book. Since I never ask for funds for my ministry I have to rely on Jesus to act on my behalf. At the present time the Lord has me in a holding pattern and until He answers my prayer in printing up more books I can not send you a hard copy. However, I have made my book available at my site for free as well so, you can read the book on line for free. Please pray the Lord answer my request to have funds again to begin printing. Thank you Frank DiMora
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Get the newest edition of my prophecy book The Last Chronicles of Planet Earth at my new site. The book is a free download. Comment: Love will heal all wounds no matter how deep. If wounded in life just sit back call of Christ and your healing will begin. The worse thing that can happen to people as we just witnessed with this recent Church shooting is to want to rush to revenge. This is exactly what Satan wants people to do so let us drive a spiritual nail into Satan and tell him you choose the way of Christ with love and healing and forgiveness. I know this is the harder road but it is the right path to take.
Edward Scillia, I hope you are going to my new site at www.endtimesresearchministry. That is where most of my posting is placed now. God Bless Frank DiMora
My new site is at I do not send out notices as to when I post. you will just have to go to the site and check it each day. Thanks Frank DiMora
Did you down load it yet? The link is at my site. If you can't download it from my prophecy man site go to my new site at
If you would like to help Fraank DiMora go to this site: If you give to Ascent Minintries they will help the people Frank DiMora is trying to help. You can also contact "Amy Nehme" at if you have any questions. Frank
Colleen, Thank you for your concern but I have lost weight at my choice, just getting fit and healthy. Frank
Adisu, It is my blessing to have you work with me to bring not only what is happening in Bible prophecy but the Good News of Christ and His Salvation. Jesus is kind to me to have people like yourself to help get the book to others and I am very grateful to you and of course to our Lord of which we are doing this work. Frank DiMora
Just did new video on this and yes, it does appear the new Pope could be the last. However,let us watch to see if he has the power we see him have in chapter 13 of the Revelation. If he does you will know for sure this is he of whom Jesus was referring to. One catch to this however. The Church just may be rapture out prior to the false prophet doing these wonders Jesus points to. The people who no doubt see these things will be those which are left behind when the Church is raptured. Frank DiMora
DiMora wants to know if your comment was directed toward him or the two guys who made the prophecy giving the Oct. date?
I have been using Protandim since my Son Adam interduced me to it. I just had a complete blood panel done and the doctor told me I have perfect blood results. Since taking Protandim I have not been sick once in the 2 and 1/2 years I have been on it.