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Hi David, I really enjoyed your post and also John McTigue's notion of 'dividends'. The more we can invest in content, the pay it pays off. The Marketing & PR (Web) Strategy Planning Template that we collaborated on back in 2010, is still generating over 100 leads per month for Bluewire. And our most recent IP release is the Inbound Marketing Flight Plan which is a step-by-step guide to building an in-house inbound marketing function. Imagine having an organisation where everyone 'is in marketing' because your entire team is producing great content and sharing it through their collective networks. Normally our one page A3 inbound marketing flight plan sits behind a form: But in keeping with David's preference for sharing content with no rego required, here it is: Thank you, Adam
Hi David, Here's a tweet that I like: "When customers call we answer, when customers email we reply, when customers tweet we ask what is the ROI" Thanks to my colleague @Angus_Russell for sharing this with me today!
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2011 on Social Media ROI Hypocrisy at Web Ink Now
Hi David, Newsjacking is a great read & my first proper ebook on my kindle app; I'm nearly fully converted to bring paperless :-) I love how your 'new rules' & 'real-time' techniques really work to earn attention, so I'm looking forward to following your advice on how we can newsjack to earn press for @Bluewire_Media! Thank you.
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2011 on Newsjacking! at Web Ink Now
I agree we all need coaches David, thanks for the timely reminder. I also find your posts about the specifics of becoming a better speaker very interesting and would love to learn more of your presentation secrets!! Cheers, Adam
Hi David, Great interview with Vivienne yesterday, thanks. Here's a tool that you and your readers may be interested in. SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDELINES TEMPLATE There are 3 options: 1. Unrestricted 2. Moderate 3. Conservative They are editable Word documents and free to download. They are released under Creative Commons so you can share and edit to your heart's content! Vivienne Storey (Blands Law), Alan Jones (Qudos) and our guys at Bluewire Media have collaborated to produce these tools for you, free of charge, We hope you find them useful, Adam
Hi David, that post is right on the money. I love it! Earning attention seems to be something many ad agencies can't get their head around. And your advice about hiring journalists instead of ad agencies is what we recommend to people all the time. Thank you. I recently wrote about my dislike of this campaign-creative-award winning mentality.
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May 6, 2010