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A few years ago while visiting friends in Biloxi, Mississippi, we had lunch at a little French bistro called Pain d'Amour. The chef, a gregarious young man with a heavy Hungarian accent, made a Croque Monsieur a little differntly. Instead of baking it, he dipped the sandwich in an egg-milk mixture and cooked it on both sides in a skillet, rather like French Toast, then spread bechamel and grated gruyere on top. He slid the skillet under the broiler just long enough to melt the cheese. It was different, but delicious. Have you encountered this way of making a CM? I've got a feeling he just made it up. Oh, I shouldn't forget that he had worked as an under chef in a Paris restaurant for two or three years. The restaurant was unfortunately destroyed in the Katrina hurricane and not rebuilt nor reopened.
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These nominations have been made solely to thumb the LA dioceses' nose at those in the Episcopal Church (TEC) and the rest of the Anglican Communion who oppose the ordination of gay priests and bishops on what they consider scriptural grounds. I believe they are wrong in their interpretation of the Bible, but I would much prefer that LA and Minnesota continued exercising "restraint." Their actions will be the straw that broke the back of the Anglican Communion. TEC will either be expelled or relegated to second class status. It may well lose the loyalty of several more dioceses. Membership will continue to decline, but likely at a faster pace.
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