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I'm making it now and used this tip! Thanks!
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I'm hoping I was able to "Stir like a boss." It's 3am here in St. Louis and I have insomnia. Listenting to some RFB and making soup seems to be the right way to spend the time.
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I don't think that tomato is one of my triggers. Hmm, I'll have to see how I do after I eat this. Which I am making 3am because insomnia is a bitch. It smells amazing!
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That sounds delicious! With the constantly changing weather here in St. Louis, it's definitely time for some comfort food. I bet this will make enough to last me awhile, which is awesome since I have Fibromyalgia and some nasty RA and don't often feel like cooking. Thanks for the recipe, Wil! Get better soon!
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Wonderful story! The ending jumped out said "boo!" to me as well! I'll be double checking my closet door tonight (even at 35, you can never be too cautious) and being thankful that there is a lock on the outside. Now, go write some more!
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Oct 17, 2011