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Anne Donald
The glorious Scottish Borders
Wife and mother, very crafty (in a good way)
Interests: knitting, holidays, cooking, reading, sewing
Recent Activity
Isn't it wonderful when you don't have to pack it all away, so that you can use the table for dinner! It all looks fabulous, and I love your idea for storing the plugs in a box. I haven't yet succumbed to the Ikea trolley! Have a great weekend, Anne xx
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Jenny's Craft Room at Two Crafty Brownies
You know what it's like ........ when you find a good hairdresser, you don't want to part company with her, so yesterday morning we headed up to Kelso, for my regular appointment with the wonderful Melissa. We stopped on the... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at frayed at the edge
On Monday we went to Alnwick for another long walk. We stopped to admire this larger than life statue of Harry Hotspur a detail from his armour as we crossed the Lion Bridge, I paused to take an arty shot... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at frayed at the edge
Your flowers look fabulous!!
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Wedding Flowers..... at Just Like Martha
I prefer Gaviscon!!
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Easter parade at love those cupcakes
We went out for a walk on Saturday morning when we were up in Berwick. First, we sneaked on to the dock to take photos of these three boats. The one on the left has been sitting there for over... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at frayed at the edge
All sorts of things have been going on this week! On Monday, I worked on my new design wall. I taped together two of the sturdy cardboard boxes which the removal firm had given us, then I called in the... Continue reading
Posted Apr 14, 2017 at frayed at the edge
Some more of Margaret's lovely quilts for you to enjoy! You saw a detail of this fairy quilt in Monday's post a nursery rhyme quilt her latest project - Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam a detail from another Christmas quilt... Continue reading
Posted Apr 12, 2017 at frayed at the edge
What a wonderful catch up!! Lilly looks gorgeous, the cakes are fabulous ....... but of course the stars are John's parents. How amazing to be married that long - and may they have many more happy years!
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2017 on Around here lately...... at Just Like Martha
What is it with cats - I've just read Thimbleanna's latest post, which contained 5 cats (but also a very cute baby, so I will forgive her) Sorry you were a bit poorly - Malcolm has very generously given me his cold, so I have been sniffing and sneezing!!
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2017 on Last week at love those cupcakes
When I walked into Eckford Village Hall on Saturday morning, I was amazed by the wonderful display of quilts! I stood on the stage to take this overview then I went back down to the body of the hall to... Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2017 at frayed at the edge
Yesterday morning, having completed our various tasks in Alnwick (a trip to the tip, food shopping etc), we decided to head over to Alnmouth for a spot of lunch. Although there is a bit of cloud in this photo, it... Continue reading
Posted Apr 7, 2017 at frayed at the edge
......... we have to admire this month's page in my (almost) naked men calendar remember, if you would like a closer look, click on the photo to enlarge it! when I was at The Quilt Shop last Wednesday, the lovely... Continue reading
Posted Apr 5, 2017 at frayed at the edge
We popped up to the flat yesterday morning, and as the sun was shining we went for a walk on the beach. I think it may be a law that the first photo taken has to be of the lighthouse!... Continue reading
Posted Apr 3, 2017 at frayed at the edge
I quite understand about the yarn following you home! People used to make fun of me for saying that I had accidently bought something - until I posted a photo of the Amazon website that gives you a button to click if you have purchased something by accident!! I love Cadbury's mini eggs and creme eggs - so far this year I have resisted - but I think I may have to buy some at the weekend! I wish I could be at your workshops - but apart from the distance, I will be off on my annual sojourn in Majorca! Have a great weekend, love Anne xx
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2017 on Inspired by mini eggs! at Two Crafty Brownies
As I have been just a little bit busy moving house this month, I haven't managed to do much sewing, so this is rather a short report! I prepped five lots of hexies for the pyramids which make up the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2017 at frayed at the edge
It all looks FABULOUS!! And what a lovely last photo of the 4 of you!
Despite being moved first to the flat, and then to the new house, the orchids are doing well. The small windowsills at the top end of the kitchen are perfect for them and they are flowering away - if they... Continue reading
Posted Mar 29, 2017 at frayed at the edge
I laughed out loud at the card, as Stuart gave me a similar one! If only we could roll about in the mud when we have a strop!
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2017 on Weekending at love those cupcakes
The weather on Saturday was glorious, so when Stuart and Alison arrived mid-afternoon, we had a cuppa sitting out on the deck. And with the cuppa, we had these sweet treats, which the visitors brought. Now this sounds a weird... Continue reading
Posted Mar 27, 2017 at frayed at the edge
My underwear doesn't match, never mind it matching what I am wearing!! (I am old enough to be allowed to wear undies that are comfy, not fashionable!!) The response from Londoners on Wednesday really does make me proud to be British - a nation that copes with whatever is thrown at it. One of my first thoughts was that I ought to brush up on my first aid skills - but I hope I will never need to help in such an incident (helping in the past at two road accidents was enough for me). I'm loving your notebooks and gift tags - so very pretty! Have a great weekend!! Love, Anne xx
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2017 on Napkin Decoupage at Two Crafty Brownies
Today, we start with something very important! The wonderful Margaret, Queen of Appliqué, is having an exhibition of her amazing quilt tops on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of April. Margaret hopes to raise lots of money for her disabled... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2017 at frayed at the edge
......... we have spent the last two hours watching the unfolding news of the dreadful events in London, and our thoughts are with all of those affected. But I firmly believe that the best response to terrorists who want to... Continue reading
Posted Mar 22, 2017 at frayed at the edge
What a wonderful second instalment - looking forward to seeing part three!!
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2017 on New York...part two at Just Like Martha
Oooh - all that rhubarb talk took me back to childhood! We used to love getting a piece of raw rhubarb,straight from the garden, and a paper bag with sugar in it. We would dip the rhubarb into the sugar, and enjoy the contrast of the sour rhubarb and the sweet sugar. My Mum used to bake a rhubarb pie - just the same recipe as her apple pie, but with sliced rhubarb and lots of sugar, instead of apple. And stewed rhubarb and custard was a regular pudding in the summer. And of course homemade rhubarb and ginger jam ......