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I think the task of avoiding cliches will paralyze you as a photographer or certainly stunt growth. Even the struggle to avoid cliches is almost cliche itself. Just let go! We should be photographing and photographing a lot to allow our voice to emerge, to find confidence in our own vision unencumbered by what we think we should or should not photograph. The best advice I think we can give anyone trying to take photography to the level beyond record snapshots is to learn the art of those who came before you and then emulate those for which you have the most affinity. Be not afraid! Do not fear that you lack originality by imitating Ansel Adams or Weston or Friedlander or Eggleston or (fill in the blank), soon enough your own vision will creep in and begin to dominate simply because you are photographing without self imposed restrictions. The photographs will be yours.
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Point taken.
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William Swelbar? Really? He is a study in contradiction. Recently Mr. Swelbar praised the Delta pilots for reaching a tentative agreement with its management 7 months early yet he calls UAL pilots "whiners" for wanting a similar contract. Apparently Smisek (UAL) is a genius for his non-negotiations with pilots (like AMR) while Delta is a genius for getting their pilots to "buy in". Perhaps Mr. Swelbar should look at WHY Delta pilots have reached a TA. Its not because the Delta pilots agreed to pay and benefit cuts. Mr. Swelabr finds it very easy to hurl brickbats at everything, yet he possess' not a single constructive idea. He is a fine "analyst" that epitomizes all that is lacking in AMR management.
Smaller than a 4/3 sensor? I think they missed the mark.
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Sep 22, 2011