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Wish I could have made it today!
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One of the reasons this group is successful is your presence. Sure, I like to throw out crazy analogies now and then, but there is importance to a good front person appearance. For example... many people believe that Eddie Van Halen is one of the 80's greatest guitarists. His riff's were what perpetuated Van Halen to great heights against a disco competition... And then there was David Lee Roth. Yes, his vocals were amazing, but by the end of 1984 (the album), the critics said the band was simply on cruise control. This was tested with Sammy Hagar. Yes, they had a few songs, but it was different... and it didn't last. You see, when David Lee Roth no longer fronted, the band changed and would never be the same. With few exceptions, this is paralleled with other bands. The stones, who, etc. So yes, when you don't show up, it moves forward... but, it's just not the same :)
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Ed, very well spoken. And getting accurate information shouldn't label you as a troublemaker, freak, or activist. Bill, please remember that Susan, Keith Orr, and Rene Greff have never responded directly to me. Nor have they said anything about calling us a security risk. If they speak through third hand people, and don't even hit the reply key on their email, how would they expect me to apologize? And, what should I apologize for? The only reason I went public, is because they wouldn't answer us, ignored us, blocked my access, and called me a security risk. Kind of ridiculous.
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