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If your goal is keeping knives as sharp as possible as long as possible, an alternative worth considering is ceramic knives. Kyocera is (still) the industry leader, but there is a good deal of competition out there now, especially on price. To quote from my reviews: "The fact that you are even reading this suggests that you already know the arguments in favor of ceramic knives. Ceramic knives are harder than steel knives, can be made much sharper than steel knives, hold their edge ten times longer than steel knives, are lighter than steel knives, won't brown foods, transfer a metallic taste or smell, or rust. You probably also know the disadvantages of ceramic knives. Unlike steel knives ceramic knives can chip or break so you want to avoid dropping them, tossing them in a sink or kitchen drawer, or arguably even washing them in a dishwasher. (Most ceramic knives come in fitted plastic packing material that can be saved, or you can store them in something like this Kyocera Bamboo 3-Slot Knife Block.) If you actually succeed in dulling a ceramic knife, it will need to be professionally sharpened, though Kyocera is working on an electronic diamond knife sharpener for home use. Unlike steel knives ceramic knives cannot flex without breaking so there can be no such thing as a ceramic boning knife, and you only want to use ceramic knives to cut boneless meats. Finally, although using a proper cutting board is a good idea with fine steel knives, it is an absolute requirement with ceramic knives; using a ceramic knife to cut something on a plate is an absolute no-no."
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2010 on Wanna Stay Sharp? Let's Get Stoned at Al Dente
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Light My Fire makes a pretty good line of sporks, and with their titanium model, they now have an unbreakable one.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2009 on Cutlery With a Twist: Sporks and Spifes at Al Dente
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There never was a specific movie soundtrack album, but the 1776 (1969 Original Broadway Cast) [CAST RECORDING] album, which is still available, includes performances by many of the same actors who went on to star in the film. One notable exception is Rex Everhart, who replaced Howard da Silva at some performances and on this recording. That's about as close as you can get.
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I'd be interested in downloading a version that includes all FOUR verses of the National Anthem, if any such exists. Does anyone know of such a version?
Toggle Commented Jul 4, 2009 on Land of the Free (Music)! at ChordStrike
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I'm a big fan of clothing made of cloth engineered to wick away moisture; they make me feel MUCH cooler and NOT sopping wet. Coolmax nylon from DuPont was the first but there are other products available now. The Travelsmith and Magellans catalogs and web sites are good sources, especially the former for women. Wrightsock makes double-layer, anti-blister socks out of this material available from the SockCompany web site.
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Once again parents are complaining about the inappropriateness of a book assigned as REQUIRED reading for their children, and once again government-appointed (or self-appointed) "defenders of reading" are making light of their concerns and insulting their (and our) intelligence. Just because a book is intended for children, even won multiple awards saying same, doesn't mean that it is appropriate for children. In particular it doesn't mean that it is appropriate to assign for required reading. Once upon a time educators and librarians understood that, took seriously their responsibility as gatekeepers to choose carefully among the avalanche of books intended for children. They didn't always choose well or wisely, of course, but the sincerity of their efforts was appreciated, especially in comparison to their counterparts of today who loudly denounce censorship of any kind... while stripping books with favorable views of Christianity, patriotism, capitalism, dead white Europeans, etc., from their collections wherever possible. Here's a clue for the professionally clueless: graphic depictions of sex, whether with hands, animals, or other people, are going to result in parental complaints. Is the literary "masterpiece" which contains them that you intend to foist upon your students really so good, so important that it is worth stirring up all this ill will, worth convincing parents who hadn't had reason to think that much about it that book banning is a good idea? At least as long as arrogant idiots like you are in charge of their children's reading assignments?
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In his surprisingly fair review of Doug Stanton's "Horse Soldiers", Bruce Barcott nevertheless reveals why modern Leftists are utterly incapable of even understanding war, much less waging and winning war, or of judging whether we are winning or losing said war. Over and over again Mr. Barcott finds it necessary to dash hopes, dampen enthusiasm, and predict doom, as he finds himself struggling to avoid being roused into patriotic (and war winning) fervor by this inspirational story. To someone who understands the military mindset, overcoming mistakes, screw-ups, miscalculations, and unpreparedness in order to win victory by the barest of margins, is something both to take pride in and to draw hope from for the future, whenever Intelligence, Supply, Support, or Leaders let you down, as they certainly will from time to time. If as Mr. Barcott writes, "Whether that war will end with similar glory is a thing still very much in doubt," that is only because the people who spent nearly eight years consciously and deliberately undermining the war effort are now in the unenviable position of having to prove they can better manage the dangerous world they spent so much time downplaying the dangers of. Not being total fools, most Leftists now grasp that it would probably be a bad idea to follow through and actually lose wars to the most brutal enemies we have ever faced. But whether they can grasp the concepts necessary to win such victories, including eschewing their habitual defeatism, is an open question because there is only so much an able and gallant military can do while serving under people who cannot make up their minds to do what is necessary to win.
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