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Ventura, California
Editor of Patagonia's blog, The Cleanest Line
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Congratulations Kelly! 'The Tower' recently won best Mountain & Wilderness Literature - Non Fiction (The Jon Whyte Award) at the 2015 Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival, and the 2015 National Outdoor Book Award for Non-Fiction Outdoor Literature. Well deserved accolades, for sure.
Congratulations Barry! 'The Calling' just won the The Boardman Tasker Prize for mountain literature. “This is one of the finest mountaineering books to appear for many years and it is destined to become a classic of that genre.” 'The Calling' is the second title from Patagonia Books to win this prestigious award. Steve House’s book, 'Beyond the Mountain,' won in 2007.
Hi Austin, Please sign this petition and share it with your friends. Thank you.
Sorry for the confusion, Ken. We used that photo because it was a good representation of their time together, but it is indeed from the Selkirks near Valhalla Mountain Touring where Jasmin works. If you feel strongly that using this photo is disingenuous I will try and find a more accurate though probably less illustrative replacement.
Hi TT, Good question. Granger's wash-in DWR product is C6 chemistry and bluesign approved so that's your best choice. Nikwax wash-in DWR product is not fluorinated but the complete ingredients are unknown, and it’s not bluesign approved, so less ideal in the context of this discussion.
Toggle Commented Oct 3, 2015 on Our DWR Problem [Updated] at The Cleanest Line
Hi Sharon, Here are the answers to your questions. How would you care for your nano puff jacket? How would you wash it and with what? Wash it in a washing machine in warm water (104º F/40º C) using a mild detergent. Make sure you rinse the garment well to remove all of the detergent. Don’t use a fabric softener. Do you put it in a dryer to keep the DWR coating working? Tumble dry on a warm setting. The dryer’s warmth helps renew the jacket’s durable water repellent (DWR) finish, which keeps the outer fabric from becoming saturated when you’re in wet conditions. Do you respray after each wash? If water no longer beads up on your garment, it’s time to put on another coat of DWR finish. We recommend replenishing the DWR finish once per season, or more often if the garment receives frequent use and washing. Our favorites are Nikwax® and Granger's® products, though there are many good products on the market. Whatever you choose, be sure to use a spray-on for your Nano Puff Jacket. I hope this helps. You can refer to our online product care guide for more advice.
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2015 on Our DWR Problem [Updated] at The Cleanest Line
Got some feelers out there for you Alex. Will let you know if anything positive comes back.
Toggle Commented Aug 25, 2015 on Sliding Liberia Update at The Cleanest Line
The only other thing I can suggest is signing up for email alerts from The Cleanest Line. We posted all of the tour dates back in April right here on the blog. If you decide to sign up we will automatically send you new stories when they're published. Thanks for your interest, Murray. I hope this helps and I hope we can fix your hat.
Thanks for the comment but let's not revert to name calling, please. Everyone's opinion is welcome here as long as it's on topic. Carry on.
Wish I had a simple answer for you, Tom. The best I can do is refer you to these posts for more information.
The best way to hear from us is to sign up for Patagonia emails or follow our social media channels. If you still want to get those items fixed, please feel free to send them to our Reno Service Center. We do our best to unpack, process, and get repairs back in the mail to you within 10 business days.
The map was illustrated by Donnie Hedden, the author of the post. Glad you like it.
We fixed any brand of clothing that was brought to the truck, including a park ranger's uniform at Smith Rock.
Not sure, Frank. You can learn more about the Champions of Change program here:
Yes, you can see the map here.
Thanks Scott. This is a rare case where we don't have a take action page. We're just asking Washington state residents to call their Senators at the numbers listed.
Good news on the Boundary Waters front: Earlier this week, Congresswoman Betty McCollum introduced the National Park and Wilderness Waters Protection Act, HR 1796, a bill that "takes a historic step toward completing permanent protection of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and enhancing protection for Voyageurs National Park by ensuring that risky mining operations are not permitted in places where they might pollute the areas' priceless lakes, rivers and forests." Learn more and urge your representative to support the bill.
For Colin's take--more photos, route details and history--check out the second half of this post on his blog:
Thank you, Ken. I will share your comment with the Patagonia Japan team.
She's back!
Thanks for asking Tyler. We're always looking for great spots in communities that appreciate the brand. Hopefully, we'll make it to North Carolina one of these days.
What a special friend, Eric. So sorry for your loss.
Sorry thierry, we're no longer making shoes.