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As someone who had his ACL reconstructed (albeit almost 20 years ago), let me add this: 1. Yes, it's impressive that he's walking (somewhat stiffly) less than a month in. You can see the knee brace under the pant leg - the absolute minimum needed for protection. At this point, I was still on crutches with a knee brace for protection when moving about. 2. It's definitely possible to be walking after tearing an ACL. It may hurt a lot, but I was walking within an hour of my injury - adrenaline can hide a lot of pain for hours and even allow you to keep playing, but once it wears off, watch out. I've also broken a finger and cracked ribs playing basketball, and each time I've kept playing (not the ACL), but in every case, it wasn't until the next morning that the pain really took over. It's good to see, but there's a long time to see if he's ready for the start of next season.
Hey Rich - quick question that you may or may not want to answer. I'm noticing more this year that London Fletcher seems to be keeping each ball that he intercepts, especially during this streak. Has he always done this? I'm not sure that he has. The reason it seems noticeable to me is that it has gotten me to wondering - has he already decided this is his last season, and he wants to hold onto the last ball he intercepts? Just a thought, and I'm curious if you've noticed or heard anything. I know he's got more on his contract, but he's also definitely fighting those small injuries that come with playing, and I'm wondering how much longer he wants to put up with them.
Yes, if they watch the game video, the refs are going to see that Riley definitely would have pushed him out. Even slowing down, he had a shot at pushing him out, but stopped due to the whistle. The Skins were listless overall, but that one was really bad. And there's no room in the NFL for judgment calls like that - blow the whistle, the play is dead. Period.
Although I should also note the pending Armstrong trade for Slaton means someone will have to get cut.
Or, if the current reports about Tanard Jackson are true, do both of them make it because Jackson is suspended indefinitely?
Well, this is better than last year, I think. Last year's team was favored in only 3 games at this time of year, IIRC. And we saw they won 6 games. Trying to be optimistic...
The Redskins scout for Texas is earning his keep - 3 of 4 picks from Texas so far.
@Rich - did anyone figure out why the Saints and Raiders were essentially penalized for some sort of cap transgression during the 2010 uncapped year? After all, they didn't get any cap relief at all, while 28 other teams did. There has to be more to the story that is not being told.
DMV says its turnaround time is 4 to 6 weeks, but I know someone who works at HQ, and she indicates that custom requests are sent daily for printing and it wouldn't surprise her to see it turned around in less than 2 weeks if the load isn't too heavy.
So, is the NFL really this bad at math? If so, how do they really figure out what the salary cap issues are? This salary cap penalty is much too high - or perhaps they've forgotten that part of that $36MM of accelerated bonuses was going to count in 2010, no matter what. At least, that's the way I read the old stories when I went back to read the analysis from 2010. These weren't future bonuses - a part of them were going to already count in 2010. See here: Maybe I'm misreading those old stories, but I'm pretty sure I'm not. If so, at a minimum, the Skins should be getting back 20% to 25% of the cap hit, just based on caponomics 101. (I'm assuming Hall and Haynesworth had about 4 to 5 years left on each of their deals; if shorter, the percentage would go up.)
So, do the Skins play hardball here and file a lawsuit against the league to put a hold on the salary cap figure? They play by the rules, get approvals from the NFL for the restructured deals, and then are given penalties after the fact for rules that never existed in the first place? If I'm Danny, I seriously consider it. And if it's done, free agency cannot go off, either. He's still got some leverage here. That's probably why the salary cap figure has been held back for so long - to minimize the chance of a suit putting a halt to league business.
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Mar 12, 2012