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Islam is incompatible with freedom. Sooner or later we will have to make a stand and fight. It's going to get real ugly. The childish, well-intentioned multiculturalists will have lots of blood on their hands.
Thank you for posting this information about the Nazi Mufti. Hitler's evil dreams live on in the heart of the Islamic Nation.
Out of the Trojan Horse come the warriors of Islam.
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Will The Dems now try to push the Fairness Doctrine?
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Geert Wilders is a modern day Paul Revere sounding the call that the enemy is coming to destroy us. Wake up and smell the jihad. The Euro-peons will wake up one day to find themselves marching into the Infidel Beheading Centers.
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Great comedy! The Marx Brothers were brilliant. They don't make them like this anymore. Thank you, Pamela.
"Pardon me while I go and barf. Or laugh myself sick." Try barfing while lying down on your back.
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Pamela: Keep up the great work of exposing Islam as the psychotic death cult that it is. You hit the bullseye every day.
I also saw this film in a theater when I was a kid. Scared the crap out of me, too. Vincent Price at his best.
Some of the same Staten Island "Progressives" are hooked up with Congressman McMahon. They worked with him when he was city councilman and they are working with him now. In the bottom picture, the woman with glasses wearing a green dress, is a "progressive" political activist. She and her husband have been involved in Island Democrat campaigns for many years. They worked on the Diane Savino for State Senate campaign. She is now my State Senator. I covered her campaign and have been to many Democrat press events she has attended. She is a radical Leftist who was a union activist. Communists are using the Democrat Party to mainstream Marxism. The great David Horowitz has written about the Marxist-Democrat connection. He is absolutely right. That's why Chairman Obama is POTUS.
Pamela: I am an old friend of Debi Rose. Going back to High School. She is a good person but she is an extreme Liberal. I have been covering her campaign for city council. I have attended her fund raisers and have friends in her inner circle. There are tons of Marxists behind her. I have observed them for years. They are involved in the Staten Island Democrat Party on a high level. I have attended their meetings for years. These are the same types who are now in the Obama White House. The Staten Island Democrat Party has an open door policy towards Marxists and radical black activists. They are involved in the Rose campaign and in almost every other Staten Island Democrat campaign. People have no idea how bad the situation is. Hard-core Marxists have taken over the Democrat Party on the local level and on the national level. Obama's operation is no surprise to me. I've seen it coming for many years.
The tongue action could be a side effect of an anti-psychotic medication. Leftism is a magnet for the mentally ill. They feel empowered by the Leftist promise of rebellion and revenge against "normal" society. Instead of seeking psychotherapy, they seek power.
Great film, Pamela! I love this movie. It has suspense, humor and a great cast. Very entertaining stuff.
Wonderful Hitchcock. If he was still around, he would be making films about Muslim fascists. He was a master film maker.
Toggle Commented Sep 20, 2009 on Saturday Night Cinema Sabotage at Atlas Shrugs
The Islam Said posted this comment on themachine91090's youtube channel. islam839 islam839 (3 days ago) Spam Marked as spam yaser said is a good muslim man and he did not murdered his two daughters. two mexican men murdered them on that night one of mexican pot a gun to sarah head and mad her say my dad shot my sister and i am diying thay both shot them to death i will give $20000 for the heads of the mexican men shot and murdered amina and sarah said i will pay in cash up frut blood money
Fla. police: No credible threat to runaway convert ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - An investigation by Florida authorities has found that there were no credible threats to a teenager who ran away from her Ohio home because she says she feared for her life after converting to Christianity from Islam. A summary of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation into Rifqa Bary's (RIF'-kuh BEHR'-ee) allegations was unsealed Monday. The probe found no reports of threats against Bary in Florida or Ohio. The 17-year-old girl is in foster care in Orlando, where a judge is deciding whether she should be returned to Ohio. The girl ran away from her parents' suburban Columbus home in July, saying she feared being killed for changing religions.
I hate the Liberals more than I do the Muslim warriors who are determined to destroy us. The Democrats, Liberals and Marxists are naive, ignorant fools who weaken our will to fight. Half of America has surrendered. Stand and fight the Left. Your life depends on it.
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2009 on 911 Phone Calls at Atlas Shrugs
Trevor Loudon's site New Zeal is a treasure trove of info on the history and activities of international Communists. Last year, he exposed Chairman Obama's socialist activities with the New Party. His info on Van Jones was terrific. Check out his blog. It's a great resource on the Marxist enemies of freedom.
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2009 on Major Props to New Zeal at Atlas Shrugs
A a straight "Hollywood" film from Welles. I've seen this many times. I love the interplay between Welles and Robinson. Robinson was one of the greatest actors in Hollywood history. He was always terrific. An interesting film about the banality of evil.
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2009 on Saturday Night Cinema The Stranger at Atlas Shrugs
Wow! Great news! Go, Pamela!
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2009 on Pamela Geller Joins Newsmax at Atlas Shrugs
Pamela, you have great taste! This album is a masterpiece. I love Sinatra. He was the real King.
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2009 on A Lonely Open Thread at Atlas Shrugs
Chairman Obama and his Obamunist lemming supporters think that appeasement brings peace. History shows it brings war. These fools know nothing about the mistakes that their fellow Liberals made in dealing with Hitler in the 1930's. The Liberals at that time wanted to avoid another world war at any cost. Hitler told them that his military buildup was for 'peaceful,' self-defense purposes. They naively believed him. The result was tens of millions of dead and wounded in WW2. Israel will not allow Iran to have nukes. If Obama lets them build them, there may be a nuclear war in the mid-east. The Russians back Iran. If they are drawn into the war between Iran and Israel, it may result in a nuclear showdown with the Russians and the U.S. Liberals lack the wisdom to know that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.
Lucky you, Pamela. I wish I could see him live. Thanks for posting this documentary. You always bring us such wonderful things. God bless you.
I love Leonard Cohen! 'Susanne' is in my top 10 of favorite songs. What a great artist. Thanks so much for posting this, Pamela. You're a treasure!