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Hey Everyone - I know it all sounds pretty funny when talking about a worm farm and worm poop, but the guy running this operation is awesome. He is bringing high paying jobs to Cleveland. He is producing an organic product that does not impact the environment and his innovative thinking is saving surrounding businesses, the city, the county and the State of Ohio millions of dollars. Cleveland should be embracing him. But no, the city and the newspaper out of sheer ignorance, are giving him a hard time. The girl that wrote the article for the Plain Dealer Poop Farm story should be fired. She misrepresented the real story. The real scoop buzzing around Cleveland is that the girl reporter thought he was handsome and put the moves on the earthworm entrepenuer. He did not want to hurt her feelings and politely said no, so she retaliated with an insulting story. You all know there is always more to what the story prints. This earthworm company rocks! In a few months fellow Clevelanders will get the best potting soil available to man. Plants thrive in it and guess what, it does not smell. I saw it. It looks and feels like coffee grounds with no odor. Just keepin it real!