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ReyLynda & Rich
Rich & ReyLynda are a military couple on the move, recently arrived to Denver Colorado via San Diego, California and Yokosuka, Japan.
Interests: <b><u>RICH-SPECIFIC FAVORITES:</b></u><p> Surfing, horror movies and scaring the stuffing out of little kids at Halloween, icy-cold beverages, almanacs, dictionaries, spooky places, prosciutto y melone, shopping at Fry's Electronics, getting email when he's far from home, a ventrilo server with no lag</p> <b><u>REY-SPECIFIC FAVORITES:</b></u> <p> Ice-skating, ballroom and swing dancing, movies with popcorn and junior mints (thanks Mom), Tai Chi, the Sunday paper, bi-planes, a good hot strong cup of English Tea, letters and emails, Rigatoni de la Richie, wine cellars (and the stuff that goes in them) </p?
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Mar 15, 2010