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Dear Mr Wheaton, I am very excited to see your new YouTube thing and the whole YouTube channel thing in general looks to be one of the most promising internet things on the internet and is in the very center of my venn diagram of internet things / awesome things / awesome people things. But, my reason for this comment/never ending sentence is two fold. On the 10th of February I got very excited after being replied via twitter by one of my other geek heroes and in the rush of adrenaline tweeted the following : "@wilw I just got a reply from @othergeekhero (who I'll not name because I don't want this to look self promotional in any way). He's making you look like a total dick by comparison" This was meant to be an ironic breach of Wheatons law and was intended in no way to be taken seriously by you or anybody else. But I realise it was ironically a total fail of irony. In fact @othergeekhero even pointed out how much of a failure it was by replying again to it with a very justified "Not cool." I said I had obviously gotten carried away by the moment and a little embarrassed I left it at that. Mr.Wheaton, I realise you have thousands of geeks vying for your internettenion and honestly didn't even think you would ever see my comment -let alone be offended by it in any way. However, I think you maybe you did see it and maybe it did offend (or at least annoy) you as I have noticed my twitter feed is @wilw-less. I presume my flaunting of Wheatons law has resulted in my account being blocked seeing as my attempts to re-follow you have been fruitless. This is understandable, you don't have time to investigate random internet strangers to see if their dickish comments could be a failed attempt at humour or intentional dickishness. I'd just like to apologise and let you know that one of those people who call you a dick online really don't think you're a dick at all. In fact they are pretty certain you're totally awesome. TL:DR I am apologicically dickish.
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2012 on This is my new show, Tabletop at WWdN: In Exile
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Mar 23, 2012