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i had a really great time for my second year at ECCC. this time i even managed to dress up. the hour you did was awesome and funny. i'm glad someone managed to record evil wil wheaton. while i like reading your stories, i really enjoy watching you perform them. the guild panel was also a lot of fun, i hope to see your character in the next season. thank you for being so kind to sign your book and take a picture with me. i look forward to seeing you at ECCC in the future.
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funny enough, a friend of a friend took us out for dinner saturday night in capitol hill. we had great food and drinks, and when the receipt came, i saw **the dude abides** and couldn't quite believe the coincidence. the place is called oddfellows. and i definitely recommend it. :)
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I am also traveling to ECCC. i hope the talks go well. You were brilliant last year and I hope to see you there!
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i have loved all your non-fiction i've read so far and would be very interested in reading some of your short fiction. sign me up for a hard copy!
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great podcast as always. although without realizing it, i pushed the speed up button on my ipod, and for the first 15 mins thought something strange had happened to the recording and made you and Felicia sound a little like robots who talked slightly faster than normal. it was much easier to listen to once i figured that out. because of this podcast, i watched the guild, which I've been meaning to do for awhile. and i loved it. so thank you for the great interview and info, especially on season 4. i can't wait to see more of you in a kilt! you wear it well. i wouldn't mind adding season 3 to my DVD collection, so that i may also share the awesome with friends. looking forward to seeing you in season 4 :)
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May 31, 2010