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Hi Jeff, I am super stoked that you posted about this! I'm programmer working at OPOWER, and we make these reports on behalf of utility companies, PG&E being one of them. (Disclaimer: I had worked on parts of the report, but have moved on, there's a lot people who have graced this report). To address some of the comments: "Similar homes" are based on many criteria, and there is a sample size threshold or else a customer isn't eligible to get the report: Climate region House size and dwelling type (Apt or home) A/C type: central/window Heating type: electric/gas/combined/other # of Adults, kids, pets # and type of appliances fireplaces / spas / pools Those are the ones off the top of my head, there's more. Heating and cooling is the biggest factor: A/C and water heating/cooling is huge. Appliances are huge too, while lighting is actually a very small piece of the equation. We've found problems with people's homes after doing these reports, and that has led the customer in doing an energy audit, and fixing the broken things, saving $$$ in the long run We're working hard to make the report even better: break down the usage by appliances, suggesting tips when we detect the outlier appliance/behavior, etc... We collect the data through smart meters, utility companies, end user filled out forms... Here's more info: Hope that answers a lot of questions and quells a bit of the skeptics
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