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Yea, I had Highlights magazine at home. I loved the Timbertoes and Goofus and Gallant. I remember one issue in particular had some totally fun ideas for throwing a half birthday party for yourself. I was super excited about the idea, but my mom wasn't having it. I still kinda want to throw myself a half birthday with half of a round cake, served on paper plates cut in half, personal pizzas and sandwiches cut in half, and a game where you pass out half pieces of paper with half animal faces on them and everyone has to find the person with the matching half of their animal face. Damn, am I too old for that now? Also, I got Ranger Rick. I remember one issue where they talked about spiders and it had a huge picture of a tarantula sitting on some bananas. I didn't want to go to the produce section of the grocery store for weeks after I saw that.
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Feb 9, 2011