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The first thing that came to my mind: An image of William F. Shatner, Esq. shouting "Willlll!", his voice echoing off the inside of a planet.
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Hey Wil, It sounds like you had a great time at your first Gen Con, glad you will be coming back in the future. My wife and I struggle with whether we should go to Gen Con each year due to the cost. Yet we come back every year, eight years now, ever since we were married, and every year we have a great time and can't wait for that week in Geektown to arrive again. We really enjoyed your talk, it was moving and humorous, and you truly are a geek. Thanks for being our voice and making Gen Con just that much better this year. Sorry, I didn't have any dice to give you or anything for you to sign. My dice, my books (including Just a Geek), and RPG manuals (including the awesome FATE system Dresden Files RPG) are all electronic entities on my iPad. It is great to carry everything in such a compact fashion, but it would have been problematic to ask you to sign the screen... :) On Saturday evening, just outside the Red Dragon Inn, I managed to stammer something to you about how awesome your talk was as we were both leaving. My friends and I had sat near you and the (other) terrific Guild cast members during dinner just before this (Hey, we were there first!), but we didn't want to bother you during your meal. Oh, and in case you hadn't heard about it, WizKids is doing a cooperative Star Trek boardgame by one of the leading euro boardgame designers Dr. Reiner Knizia: On the way home, I read Just a Geek from beginning to en... well almost to the end, I ran out of power before I could finish. So, it seems electronic books do have at least one downside. :) K
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Aug 10, 2010