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I saw the brilliant Gareth Kay (who I am sure you are familiar with) make a related argument at BDW's Making Digital Work. Basically, one facet that stuck with me was that it's not a coincidence video games have incredibly complex narratives and are starting to outpace movies and music as the preferred form of entertainment among Millennials. Hence, the notion that our narratives (and by extension, our "story-telling") must be simple and clear is a total fallacy. The deck I'm referencing is here:
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My comments -- first, tired of seeing us come out with a complete lack of an attacking tactical gameplan (read CONFIDENT COACHING) in any situation where we're up against a perceived superior opponent. Yes, Argentina has a far superior history and general national intellect for the game, but I'm sorry, we HAVE THE PLAYERS at this point to beat them. The second half especially showed that it's not a talent deficiency -- it's absolutely a matter of tactics, vision, and coaching. Our entire gameplan against high-level opponents repeatedly seems to be to sit back, watch what happens, make adjustments and counterattack and I'm sorry but, this is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Argentina has Messi, but apart from that, the best players I saw on the field tonight (and I was at the game), were Howard, Agudelo, Dempsey, Donovan, Demerit and the 2nd half version of Onyewu. As the game went on, we had more heart and more desire to win than Argentina did, despite the absolutely terrible gameplan that we started out with. It's becoming more clear that Bradley's best attribute as a coach is his ability to ADJUST to adversity as a match goes on, but his absolute inability to start properly with the best lineup and the best gameplan is comically obvious and we deserve better. Dempsey and Howard were absolutely Gods tonight. Anyone who knows anything about sports would recognize that Dempsey should be the heart and soul of this team. His fire and refusal to back down are the kind of things you build great teams around. And I'm sorry, but it's clear that Agudelo should be unequivocally the #1 striker. His first touch and the intangibles he brought to the attack the second he came on the field were invaluable and he made clear that Jozy's role should be the secondary option in a 4-4-2. Agudelo's goal was almost an accident, but he affected so many other attacking situations positively that it almost makes no sense why he didn't start in the first place. Despite an absolutely embarrassing first half, I was so proud of the boys in the second -- the toughness and, dare I say, balls they brought to the last 45 were inspiring. I'm tired of hearing how we don't have the players -- WE ABSOLUTELY DO -- quite honestly, we just don't have the tactics, the preparation, or the gameplanning that's necessary to compete at the highest levels of the sport.
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Mar 26, 2011