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Gabe Suarez
Pirates Have No Borders
Warrior Capitalist, Maker Of Evil Plans, And Part Time Bon Vivant
Interests: Black Guns, Shiny Gold, Good Wines, Expensive Watches, Fast Cars, and Dangerous Pursuits
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Police work in the last decade of the twentieth century was challenging and brutal period for police officers. If one did his job correctly – that is seeking and closing with the bad guys – he often found himself in a welcoming office assigned to Internal Affairs. Careers and lives were often adversely derailed in that deceptive office, where often they asked you to leave your weapons outside. It was a place where one often found an assumed brother’s knife firmly planted in his back. And if you were in the Gang Unit, they had a special file cabinet just for you. In honor of those harrowing times, we present – The Internal Affairs The Internal Affairs is a knife designed to be very easily concealed and for use with intuitive close quarters stabbing and slashing. If you know how to throw a punch you can use this knife. Like all the knives in the Grab N Stab series, it is intended for the brutal reality of a knife fight and not driven by esoteric or artistic pursuits. Equally useful... Continue reading
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LASD 86-88 LE 86-01 Class 234
I do cycle the slide each time to be certain. I think its explained in the video as to the reason.
Is it explained in the video? I think so.
I have been doing this for a long time now. My teaching career began in 1977, teaching Karate at the Burbank YMCA. It was great gig for a 17 year old and it paid for gas and for the cost of dating the girl that would become my wife. I know how to teach people to do violence. I doubt there are many men on earth that have done so as long or as diversely, or as widely as I have. In fact, I am sitting at the hotel bar right how pondering the lessons from my last class here in Texas. My job as a teacher is not to stroke the student's so many do today. My job is to show them truth. If they is my job to patiently show them...but also to show them how to overcome that. Many of my students have killed bad guys. Some as private citizens...others on the payroll of city or nation. I have done this on five continents. One might say I know a few things. So this can... Continue reading
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This from Spencer's Jihad Watch. Islamic State insists Las Vegas was jihad, says shooter converted to Islam six months ago "Most people believe the Islamic State is lying in claiming any connection to this, and that Paddock was not a convert to Islam. But ISIS continues to claim the attack anyway, and does not have a history of claiming credit for attacks for which they were not responsible. Maybe they’ve started doing so now. Maybe not. They don’t seem to be afraid that Stephen Paddock will turn out to be a white supremacist neo-Nazi or some such. They don’t seem to be worried about being definitively exposed as grandiose liars." This coupled with the following - 1). The clear and secretive way the investigation is being handled. 2). The between the lines statements of Lombardo (listen to the interview) 3). The application of Qui Bono (who benefits) by the confirming or denying it was a Jihad attack. 4). The absolute incongruence between Paddock and all other "Lone Crazed Angry White Old Guy" mass murders. 5). Lack of published motives (which... Continue reading
Posted Oct 10, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
HAPPY DEAD CHE DAY!!! To All the commie idiots that wear his image on their chests...Happy Dead Che Day!! LIBERTAD!! Continue reading
Posted Oct 9, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
I have written a piece on every major terrorist event in America for the past five years. Tragically, it is almost as if I can reuse much of what I said in my past posts. Usually the articles conclude with something along the lines of – “carry your gun everywhere regardless of the rules, keep your level of alertness high, and always remember that we live in a time of war.” Still very valid advice but this attack, while brilliant as well as it was evil, was not anticipated. Who would have thought of such a thing?! And that is in part why it was so successful. We said the same when a terrorist drove a truck into a crowd in Nice, France and killed masses of people crowded together. We said the same thing in Mumbai…and what seemed like a lifetime ago in September of 2001. But evil is clever and resourceful, and we must anticipate its moves lest we fall to its plans. I will divide this piece into the motivations of the bad guy, his tactics and... Continue reading
Posted Oct 3, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
ON LEAVING YOUR GUN IN THE CAR - Warrior Scholar Says: He who uses vehicle as a holster will end up having his mouth used as a holster as well. Continue reading
Posted Sep 28, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
I just read another one of those lamentations of “the fall of manliness and the disappearance of testosterone” in the world of men. I think I will comment since I am fighting off a cold and have a sprained muscle from that last deadlift workout (450 pounds by the over 50 years old). And the Dictador Rum (a gift from a brother in arms) I am drinking tends to bring out some eloquence. I am 57 and I have travelled all over the world, to good places and to bad ones. I have experienced the heights of happiness and known the darkest hours of doubt. I have both saved lives and taken them. I have seen man at his best and his worst. And I know that in the end, after all the songs have been sung, all the scriptures read and the sounds of statements of rights have passed into that awkward silence…it is the strong that survive and it is the strong that dictate by their force, both physical and moral, what will go down. I recall... Continue reading
Posted Sep 27, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
We all the basic story by now. Bad guy goes into a church and shoots the place up. "Church" could be school...or department store...or Christmas party. This one didn't end up as a mass killing, but not for the reasons the media (including the gun media) is saying. Let's discuss, shall we. The bad guy - Emanuel Kidega Samson. Samson is a Black Power advocate and very anti-police according to his personal Facebook page. Although his theological position is not known, he shared a number of pro-Islamic posts, including a video in which a Muslim activist defends Sharia law. Samson frequently shared anti-west posts. If you look at him being escorted here, and in the other images of him online, he is a powerfully built man and an avid weight lifter. Police say in addition to the two pistols Samson bought into the church, they recovered another pistol and a rifle from his vehicle. Police say Samson fatally shot a woman who was walking to her vehicle and then entered the rear of the church and shot six others. A... Continue reading
Posted Sep 25, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
I spend an hour every day scanning my news-feeds for information pertaining to "the business". The latest was one of the various editorials on the Georgia Tech shooting. Here is a video of the event - So in a nutshell, Scott “Scout” Schultz, 21, was confronted by officers while brandishing a knife on campus. He was ordered a number of times to drop the knife by officers. We can see in the video how the 'stand-off" developed and the exchange. I suspect the exchange was not about Scout Scott's sexual ambiguity, nor about the evils of the trump administration, but rather went something like ... Police: "Drop the knife" Suspect: "No"...and a couple of steps forward taken. Police: "I mean it...drop the knife NOW!" Suspect: "No"...and a couple more steps taken. Now I will tell you something and I really don't care if some liberal snowflake that will never spend a dime with me is upset. When you face an adversary...whether you are the police or Joe Citizen, the most important person in that event is you, not the suspect.... Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
Posted Sep 22, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
Seriously guys...if you don't have the coin to do it right, do yourself a favor and stay with iron sights. I wrote an article about this a year ago - here is the link CHOOSING THE "RIGHT" RED DOT SIGHT Recently on a SIG Legion Group on Facebook I saw this post - I've been waiting for the development of a P226SAO RX Legion. Then this happened to my P320RX - while it was in my gun bag, apparently from the bag being set on the garage floor. I carry my 226 every day. It sits on my right hip, and knocks into the center console of my car every moment I'm behind the wheel. Now I'm frustrated because the one improvement I have craved for my Legion seems not ready for daily carry. quote our Grandmothers...I told you this would happen!! Continue reading
Posted Sep 21, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
The test is not a mag dump on the clock, but rather a true firing drill against targets that require target acquisition and traversing. A man that knows how to use a pump action can be just as fast as a man using a semi auto, and have a far less complex weapon. Continue reading
Posted Sep 14, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
Since you clearly skimmed and commented without reading - here you go...second chance: The police presumption is that only prohibited possessors are likely to use pistols without serial numbers (ie., those who are not allowed to own guns). Yes, you can educate the police, but you may other concerns at that juncture. Do you want to add another? First impressions have far more impact on how a shooting/homicide investigation will proceed than your idea of what your rights should be. Is that cool DIY job that took you three hours but saved you $200 really worth it? Not for me. Go ask a Homicide Investigator before you disagree with me based on the fact you bought one.
I got this from one of our students recently. One of the things we do here in AZ is a student can send his ammo and firearms to avoid the hassle of traveling with them. So he asked - "300 rounds seems low to me for a round count for this course. If I order a case of a thousand, that will give us 500 each. What do you think?" My reply was what I always reply when asked about round counts. *** You can certainly bring more ammo and shoot more if you like and there is time. But I want to will tell you that in my classes I actually teach things. There are classes that are judged by the number of drills and the super high round count. One pistol class, I was told, had a count of 2,000 rounds per day. My class is not like that. The goal is to make you a better shooter and a better gunfighter. To expend ammo endless drills that will leave your skills exactly what they were when you... Continue reading
Posted Sep 12, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
I worked Gangs, Special Enforcement and a few other details that had my team and I "undercover" or at least wearing plain clothes. The job required that, as having a uniform on would have defeated the entire point of the exercise. But we knew that the moment we needed to engage the bad guys, we would either need to don some sort of attire that signified we were police. That either was a raid jacket with the words "POLICE" emblazoned on it in bright yellow, or a Point Blank SWAT vest with a badge and the word "POLICE" readily visible. The reason is that we did not want to be mistaken for other bad guys. As it was I got plenty of police guns pointed at me through the years I worked those details. But we knew that a criminal would more likely surrender to the police than to another thug that wanted to rob him. And, if the situation allowed it, we always tried to have a marked police unit with a couple of uniformed officers on hand should... Continue reading
Posted Sep 7, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
QUESTION ON OUR 34 SLIDES: Q. Hello, I'm wondering why your Glock 34 red dot RMR slide doesn't have the top cut away opening like the factory Glock 34 slide. I am under the impression this cut away is to reduce reciprocating mass and speed up the cycle time. I'm interested in a slide and would like to know the answer before a purchase. A. Glock is into saving money. They want to use the same recoil unit on all full sized pistols from the 9mm Glock 17 to the 357 SIG Glock 35. The opening is to lighten the slide to allow for that but at the cost of weakening the slide and allowing all manner of dust and sand to get into the workings of the pistol. Here in AZ we tested this and once sand gets into the weapon, while it may still function most of the time, its reliability is greatly reduced. It is popular now in our world, where "looks is more important than performance" to see slides with a myriad of holes cut into... Continue reading
Posted Sep 7, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
One of the members at Warriortalk asked this morning about semi-autos instead of pump actions when selecting a shotgun. So here is my point of view - and I am certain the hate mail will begin shortly. The semi auto has advantages, namely that the shooter doesn't have to manually operate the weapon...BUT when I have worked these in less than perfect situations, meaning the shooting position not fully established...cheek weld and shoulder mount not quite there...weapon unsupported like in moving or in quick unexpected engagements, I see them malfunction. The only real malfunction of the pump action is a short-stroking of the action, or not working the pump for a sufficient distance to eject the spent shell and load another. That can be remedied in training. And if it does happen, the dead trigger will result in a quick more aggressive pumping action and a remedy of the problem much faster than clearing a problem in a semi auto. The Beretta 1301 I have began exhibiting this. Its a great SGN...but not for everything. The Benelli can unload the... Continue reading
Posted Sep 6, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
There is a difference and the two applications are not the same at all. Some perspective is in order. If your goal is gunsport, then enjoy yourself, but understand that it is not gunfighting. Some sportsmen may feel upset at me saying that, but they should not. Just as Olympic fencing is not knife fighting, and NASCAR is not PSD driving, one has to honest with himself. The problem is that when one tries to interject the weapons intended for sport, or the methods intended for sport into a real world application, those likely to fail with the expected results. So an essay in images - These guys are on their way to kill bad guys. This guy is on his way to find a duck. This soldier is shooting a terrorist. This guy is shooting a clay This man is protecting his store from looters. They are different pursuits with different tools. There may be some slight parallels, but just as these gunfighters would not prevail in a gun game with rules and special guns organized to give a... Continue reading
Posted Sep 5, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
Some of you will know the feeling. You have been gone from your old hometown, your parent's house, or an old car you used to drive. You return, ten, maybe twenty years later and there is a definite familiarity to it. The shotgun, specifically the Remington 870, is that way for me. It is the main long gun I carried into battle working night watch, and later the Gang Unit. I got into many shootings with issued 870s, and when I heft one it has that familiarity I mentioned. We have said that situation will determine you tactics and those will select the weapon for you best suited for the task. That selection must be an emotionless and analytical one based on reason and not feelings. For many years, the weapon that I kept by the bed was a rifle. I lived in a crowded house filled with old people and children, and often other staff members staying with during training courses. The concerns over surgical accuracy and the avoidance of over-penetration were forefront of the mind. But today it... Continue reading
Posted Sep 5, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG