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how about peppers and taylor together up front. boldin, harrison, or holt take your pick, to teach the young receivers how to play some real football and get open once and awhile. because miami wr core needs to improve and oh yeah get cutler remember the playoffs 4 ints. not a way to win in the playoffs. miami is losing the off season already to buffalo,jets and new england they are busy improving there teams now. they ain't waiting for rookies to develop. the season has already started.
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get off culpepper he is still not 100% and he played against one of the best defenses inthe league.he's still better then the last few qb's we had.the offensive coordinator is at fault he ran the ball with brown only 15 times, 15 times! ricky would do that in a half.the dolphins were winning up to seven minutes left in the game. until the coordinator abanndoned the run.