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The reason for "the super hard totally incompatible iOS/OSX divide in Apple land" is that touch interfaces are *necessary* on portable computers (phones, tablets): no one is going to lug around a keyboard and mouse with them. Touch interfaces are also handy for things like ATM's and cash register where you use the interface for a couple minutes at a time. But NO ONE is going to use a touch screen on their desktop if they work on it for hours at a time. NO ONE. I know Tom Cruise wowed us in Minority Report flailing his arms at the big futuristic touch screen, but your arms wouldn't last 10 minutes if you had to hold them up to touch the screen on your desk all day. MS is really muddling two completely different computing use cases: portable devices where the only practical input method is touch, seeing as the thing is already in your hands, and computers on your desk that have to be operated with keyboard/mouse.
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Jul 9, 2012