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In my opinion what They call "pirates" and download movies, music or tv shows, can be divided in two categories: 1)people who just don't want to pay to get the content downloaded and have no intention of ever pay anything for it; 2)people who want to be able to see the content downloded and would be willing to pay for it but can't because they're not born in the US. I'm not an expert and I have little to no idea of how the internet actually works so I would just ignore point one and stick to what I know! 2)People who want to be able to see the content that they download and would be willing to pay for getting it at the same time, or slightly after everyone in the US, but can't. a)Why would they download illegally a movie or an episode of a tv show that they like? Because they don't want to wait weeks, months or years to: see them at the cinema or in tv, dubbed in their language and, more often than not, badly; be able to buy the DVD, if it gets made. They probably would be willing to wait, if there was a way to avoid having the watching experience ruined by getting unwanted spoilers, while continuing to go around the internet, but that's not an option. b)What can e done to stop them downloading illegally? Here are a few suggestions that could profit(wasn't money loss due to piracy the issue?) the entertainment buisness: I)They could let them pay(at the same price as people living in the US) to buy episodes for tv shows the day after they air from iTunes or Amazon! II)They could screen movies simultaneously worldwide, with added option of viewing them in original language with sutitles! III)They could release DVDs simultaneously in every country! IV)They could speed up the DVD releases! I'm sure there are a lot more but I can't think of any at the moment, and the fact that I'm still awake at 6am might have something to do with that, so I'll just stop here.
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Well said Wil! I think that SOPA and PIPA are badly designed laws that use that use piracy as an exuse for the MPAA, RIAA and the American Government to get more power and censor whoever is "inconveniet"! Even if they would get approved the only thing they would stop is freedom, because piracy would continue! I'm not saying that piracy can't be reduced(stopping piracy altogether is virtually impossible); but it would require intelligence, skill and internet knowledge, which, and I think we can all agree on this, the promoters of SOPA/PIPA certainly lack! As a non US citizen (I'm italian) I'm sad that the only thing I can do to stop SOPA/PIPA is raise a little awareness by spamming everyone about it through the various social networks! I'm unhappy because I don't have the right to "bother" US Government representatives about this matter, even tough, if SOPA/PIPA pass, they could, and most likely would, affect me too! I like the Internet just the way it is: random, crazy, free and so diverse that, even though I might have stumbled upon a few things I couldn't unsee, it allowed me to: fund charities I wouldn't have ever heard of; join online comunities full of people who like the things that I like and that I can call friends even if I never met them in person; feel better watching funny cat videos after a very bad day; be part for the first time in a Secret Santa gift exchange(we don't do that here T_T); be motivated by other people's creativity to start arting(I know it's not a word) again after years of greyness; know what a convention is, buy a ticket to my first one, meet a bunch of nerds, just like me, and make a lot of new friends that I see every year for a few selected weekends of funtimes and awesomeness; fund a movie, whih features actors from one of my favourite tv shows (some of whom I met at a convention erlier the same year), through Kickstarter, and watch it grow knowing that I helped; watch one of my favourite musicians perform live, from my computer, in my bedroom, wearing my fluffy pijama and slippers, while chatting with people from countries all around the world, and making a couple of new friends in the process; become less autocritical ecause I'm fucking fantastic!; rant as much as I need without feeling bad about what I'm saying; write a HUGE post starting with "Well said Wil!" and smile because I'm writing in Wil Wheaton's website; and these are just a few examples!
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Mar 14, 2011