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Mike F, you are saying "what real-world improvements would I get for spending that money?" I'll give you my answer, as happy owner of two 5DmkI bodies. You get a brand new sensor, that is not 7 years old, which is A LOT when you talk about digital technology. Just to give you some perspective, keep in mind that the first iPhone came out two years after our beloved 5DmkI(!). Now, thanks to this new technology, you will now be able to get much less digital noise in your images, which should end up giving you better prints. As far as I am concerned, I love my old 5D cameras, but I do envy those who can take clear pictures are 3200ISO. Too often I find myself knowing that, given certain light conditions, there is no point to even take the camera out of the bag. I am also mildly attracted by the possibility of entering the world of video with my set of lenses. I love the idea of shooting video through a 50 f/1.4. Like Rowan has said above, I am not too concerned about focus points. I also use exclusively the center one for 99% of my pictures. I'd rather spend the extra $1600 attached to the price tag of a 5D mkIII to get myself a new lens AND a new A3+ printer ;-) Finally, I am very intrigued by the wifi ability of this camera. You can transfer files from camera to camera, from camera to computer, you can control your camera with your iphone, you can print wirelessly (not that I would ever want to do that, of course) and you can call web services. Now that's pretty cool ;-)
"ancient, creaky, horribly broken bulletin board model of phpBB and vBulletin" -- I am sure you must have written tons of articles before about this... Can anyone point me in the direction of such explanations?
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Sep 12, 2010