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Glen B. Alleman
Performance-Based Project Management® in software intensive system of system
Interests: Earned Value, Risk, Cost, Program Performance, Integrated Master Plan, Integrated Master Schedule.
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There is always some post about leadership, innovation, and personnel development around agile project management, Having deployed one of the early agile development programs (eXtreme Programming) in a mission critical IT organization, I was part of an approach that is... Continue reading
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Before we build a better mousetrap, we need to find out if there are any mice out there. - Yogi Berra Continue reading
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22/7 =3.14285714286 Continue reading
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Captain Jack Sparrow, started as a supporting character to Orlando Bloom’s Wil Turner. He then outshone the ostensible hero and became an archetype unto himself. Here are three Leadership Tips from an INCOSE presentation "We Need More Jack Sparrow, Savvy?... Continue reading
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He doesn't know how - He doesn't understand how estimates fit into the process of business and managerial finance of product or service development. He looks for existing examples and just sees bad examples. He doesn't understand why estimates are... Continue reading
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Mike, Value is NOT independent of Cost in economics. Micro is how the business makes choices in the presence of limited resources as well as uncertainty. It may be in the minds of developers. But the balance sheet and the EBITA of the firm are run on economic principles. Where I work the PM makes decisions on the economics of the decision, that is Not independent of the cost to produce that value. In our personal lives do we decide the value of something without knowing the cost to achieve that value? Say a Car? I'd "love" to have an Audi A7 like my neighbor, who is a CEO of a grocery sore chair, with a $800/mo car allowance. I don't work in that domain, and have to pay for my own car. So my "value proposition" for a car is what vehicle serves the needs of our family at a cost that fits in our budget. This is basic MicroEconomics of decision making. The "Value Proposition" for any product is based on the exchange of cost for that value. In personal life (or it should) or in business (most certainly should). In business, you'd be hard pressed to explain to you boss why you paid too much for that ERP system when the same features for another ERP system could be had at a lower cost. ROI = (Value - Cost)/Cost. This ROI tells us if we're getting our monies worth, but we have limited money in business, so we also need to know if we're making the right decision of the amount of money invested
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You cannot know the value unless you know the cost to acquire that value Focusing on Value alone and Ignoring the cost to acquire that Value, leads to disappointment when you discover you paid too much, for too little, too... Continue reading
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I work in a domain where estimates are made every single week. Estimate to Complete (ETC), Estimate at Completion (EAC), Estimated Completion Date (ECD) are the life blood of our software intensive system of systems programs. To the left is... Continue reading
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In the There are a few topics in the agile world that are the stalking horses for the agile advocates. One is The Principles of Scientific Management, Frederick Winslow Taylor. Taylorism is tossed around like Water Fall, as the source... Continue reading
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The GAO Cost Estimating and Assessment Guide has 12 steps. These describe the increasing maturity of the project's artifacts. They are not specific to Agile Software Development. But here's how they are connected They are not specific to Agile Software... Continue reading
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Tools and resources for cost and schedule estimating, when you here estimates are hard, we're bad at estimating, estimates are a waste, estimates are misused All those statements are fallacies. Learn how. International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association Continue reading
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There are several studies on how software development can be improved by applying various process. Some studies have very large data sets, with analysis of each process and the differences between the processes. Other studies have small data sets, no... Continue reading
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There is no good way to perform a software cost-benefit analysis, breakeven analysis, or make-buy decision without some reasonably accurate method of estimating software costs and their sensitivity to various product, project, and environmental factors - Barry Boehm Continue reading
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Business runs on deadlines and milestones for a simple reason - Time is Money Those paying for the development of a product or service have an expectation that they will get the value from their investment on some date in... Continue reading
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Fleet Tactics: Theory and Practice is a framework for project management. I live in a neighborhood with several Navy Captains. Both surface warfare and submarine warfare. All Naval Academy Grads. These men were hired to work at Rocky Flats, where... Continue reading
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And we are now men, and must accept in the highest mind the same transcendent destiny; and not minors and invalids in a protected corner; not cowards fleeing before a revolution, but guides, redeemers, and benefactors obeying the Almighty effort... Continue reading
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To continue the previous Trouble with Charts post, here's a quick overview of what was missing from the CA report. The chart below is from Larry MacCherone's presentation titled The Impact of Agile Quantified Follow Larry's link back for other... Continue reading
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A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing - Alexander Pope When there is some conjecture made in the absence of principles, mathematics, governance, standard processes, it's not just wrong, it creates the foundation for confusion, waste, and discord. Many such... Continue reading
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Today the Rally chart reappeared. This chart is from "The Impact of Agile Quantified." This chart shows a performance index. But, a VERY critical caveat of the report is... The findings in this document are extracted by looking for correlations... Continue reading
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In my career, I've worked for a lot of really good managers, and of course, Gene Kranz was one of the best. One of the things I really admired about Gene ... is that if things didn't work out quite... Continue reading
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In formal logic, a contradiction is the signal of a defeat, but in the evolution of real knowledge, it marks the first step in progress towards victory. - Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947) Science and the Modern World Continue reading
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Overheard at a dinner party ... Software development in the Silicon Valley is like students at a Montessori School. Doing pretty much anything they please to entertain themselves while exploring the subject matter. Software development in the defense or mission... Continue reading
Posted Jul 6, 2017 at Herding Cats
Castles in the air - they are so easy to take refuge in. And so easy to build - Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906), The Master Builder When we hear about some method that conjectures to solve some dysfunction, with no evidence... Continue reading
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For those who have served, the term freedom and patriotism has special meaning, well beyond Flags, Marching Bands, and public speeches. Willingness to puts one's safety, and at times one's life, at risk for comrades and colleagues is the basis... Continue reading
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No scientist or engineer will fail to recognize the well-known syndrome of an experiment that refuses to work in the face of upper management. How to Predict the Unpredictable: The Art of Outsmarting Almost Everyone, William Poundstone, 2015 Continue reading
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