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Ryan Tannehill is not the problem, he is the Franchise QB. He just has nothing to work with. He had the same last year in College, not a good OLine and no weapons. If Management supply Tannehill with a speed vertical threat, a TE, and a replacement or two on the Oline that know how to block in the blitz zone offense, then you will see the results. Tannehill has all the skills to be a top 10 QB and he has pose and a high IQ. He has the "IT" factor to drive the team down the field to win the game. Last night, with a mIke Wallace, james jones, a TE and better blocking fro mthe Oline. Miami wins the game.
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I would like to add, I would let Bush walk and sign a cheaper veteran RB and let Miller and Thomas split carries. Also, call me crazy but, I would entertain the Idea of obtaining Tebow and use him as a FB/HB. Not o nspecial teams and not as a backup QB, alla Jim Jensen. Lane is not a good short yardage back, he tries to run through people and in the NFL that will not work. I feel Tebow who is not very good at QB, is a winner and a "team first" guy. To recap, FA= sign two WR and OG. 2- Draft MLB or CB in 1st round, 3- Use both 2nd round picks on more Defense (CB, FS, OLB/DE) 4- use 2 3rd round picks on another CB (draft is deep with CB's this year) 5-Cut #58, let#22 and #246- Sign Harline and Randy Starks. WR corps goes as following 1-Mike Wallace, 2-Brian Hartline 3-slot WR-Bess, 4-Veteren WR, WR 5 & 6-either Moore or Matthews
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A blogger on here hit the nail on the head by obtaining a young and veteran receiver. The answer: Mike Wallace and Greg Jennings or James Jones. This team clearly has no vertical threat and no push from the interior line. Also, I lvoe reggie bush, but he does not hit the holes. Notice on the play in the second quater when he ran left and Long got knocked down, he was trying to hitthat edge, however if he cut back and turn and followed the LG and Center block, he would have got postive yards. Spend the $ on those two receiver aforementioned and draft a stud playmaker on Defense. Cut #58 and draft (or trade up with the chips in hand) to Draft Teo from ND. Then use the 2-#2 on a CB and pass rusher that fits the 4-3. Use the 2- 3's on another CB and TE.
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Nov 16, 2012