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The Celtics really are playing with fire. Why in the hell would you guys mess with team chemistry? As a Laker fan, I was wondering who the Lakers could trade or add to match with the Celtics frontcourt. I mean how can you match up with Garnett, Perkins, Big Baby, Shaq, (even Semih, Hargody, and JO)? Out of those guys Perkins scared the crap out opposing teams. My answer was we can't match up with your frontcourt, unless the Celtics do something stupid and trade away Perkins or Garnett--which in my wildest dream i thought, would never happen. Garnett would never get traded of course. Perkins, no way--that's the big bully that is part of the two headed monster of KG-Perkins. Guess what? The Celtics may have shot themselves in the foot and answered the prayers of Laker fans everywhere. (They even gave up Semih and Hargody, who I thought were decent "large body" role players.)
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I'm a Laker fan and I think this was a very, very, very poor trade for the Celtics. What makes you guys so formidable (sp?) is your interior presence, and the fact that Perkins is a downright beast. Its like you guys trading Robert Parish. Just the mentality and attitude Perkins brings to the Celtics is just nasty. Being a Laker fan, I'm surprised your team rolled the dice. The best trades are sometimes the ones not made at all. I know for a fact that Bynum does not fear Green and Krystic at all. If you need any reminder, go back to last years playoffs in games 1 and 2 when the Lakers faced the Thunder and see how Bynum played against those two players. Bynum on the otherhand, is kinda intimidated by Perkins. And this is coming from a Laker fan. It makes Oklahoma much more tougher to play, but it makes your Celtics less menacing. But as we all know, the Celtics aren't done yet. I can tell they are looking to add some players, so we'll find out.
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Celtics lost any sort of chemistry when they gave up House for Robinson. Even though House was a bench player, being a fan on the opposite coast, I was afraid of him when he enters the game because of his energy and potential to hit timely 3's. Nate Robinson? comeon, you gotta do better than that.
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Feb 27, 2010