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This was my first visit, both to Seattle and to PAX. I absolutely had a blast. I actually drove all the way up to Seattle from Anaheim where I live. I have family and a friend or two in Santa Rosa that I hadn't seen in eons, so I wanted to stop there...and I wanted to have a pint of Pliny the Elder straight from the source. :D While I was in Seattle, I got to see to the Megas and the Protomen and hear their music for the first time. Both acts put on a terrific show, the Protomen especially, and I made a point buying their CDs. Naturally, I've been blasting Act II - Father of Death all the way home. On top of that, I met a young man who had an epiphany while at the show. He had been serving with our military, and he was really depressed and aimless since getting out, but after he heard the keynote speech, it galvanized him into action. He told me it was the first time he had been happy in a long time. Considering how mind-numbing my job is, I can almost say I know how he feels.
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And remember... "It's Midnight in Montana, and I Can't Get My Dick Out of This Cow." Diseased and Complaints and Grievances were the last two truly funny shows George did. Life is Worth Losing and It's Bad For Ya were just too damned depressing.
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Actually, HBO predates both of the channels you mention; it went on the air in 1972 (Z Channel started in 1974, SelecTV in 1976). You speak truth about Poltergeist being creepy. I suspect it will still be creepy 50 years from now. As for me, I am more interested in seeing Halloween on the big screen in a couple of weeks. I've never really been big on horror movies, and I'm more interested in Halloween as an exercise in filmmaking than as an experience getting the everlivingjesusfuck scared out of me.
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