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Armando, Yesterday you posted that the Dolphins were asking for "ridiculous" compensation for Taylor. The tone of your posts could lead one to believe that you feel that Taylor is the wronged party, that the Dolphins are not acting in the best interests of the team and that you, yourself have taken a side in this argument. Note carefully that I haven't said that you have written or posted any of those things specifically. It is my interpretation of what you have written and I believe that it is a reasonable view on your musings. But since I would rather be clear than not, let me ask you directly: Do you believe that the Dolphins asking for a #1 is ridiculous? (Note that asking for a #1 is not the same thing as accepting a #2) Do you believe that JT is the wronged party here and, if so, why anybody should have any sympathy for his position? Lastly, don't the Dolphins fans deserve a management team that will negotiate hard to get the maximum amount of value they can from a player that they have paid well? More to the point, one that they overpaid last year based on his production?
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