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There some commentary here where a source has indicated corrupt data blocks were the primary problem. Unusual but not unheard of.
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Firstly, it's not (quite) the copyright holder deciding what's fair use or not. In this case it is YouTube and it is perfectly reasonable for them to 'be on the safe side'. As Miguel said, the easiest thing to do is host the video elsewhere, even on an Amazon S3 cloud if you don't have your own host. The difference is that you actually have to pay for it (and there's a track-back to you, or at least your credit card, if the copyright holder wants to take action).
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2010 on YouTube vs. Fair Use at Coding Horror
I don't think the ABS example actually support's RSnake's premise. The ABS didn't "get in the way" but drivers still compensated for it. I can be more 'relaxed' about visiting web-sites with Chrome on Linux that I would be using IE7 on Windows XP SP2. If I've got anti-virus running, I may take a chance on running a particular EXE from a website which I wouldn't without that 'safety barrier'. If you've been hurt, or had a near miss, you're likely to tighten up your practices and/or tools. Maybe security needs to avoid becoming 'helicopter parents' and let a few incidents occur that are annoying/irritating but not harmful. Or actually become more 'in the way', such as a scorched earth policy where PCs are regularly restored to a standard image, wiping any documents, personal exes etc. Make it harder work for a user to be insecure
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Aug 31, 2010