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I enjoyed the story too and the philosophy that when you change from within you have the opportunity to change other things too. Also about helping others. I just had hoped that there was also the warning of not using government to force "charity giving" by those more well off. Mandating the prosperous to give is not charity, it's stealing. I don't know what the author means by giving voice for those that don't have any. Are we talking about mutes? Everyone has a voice here in America. By the way, I'm homeschooling this year. There is something very basic missing in our schools. It's mastery of the basics before proceeding further. Too much "diversity", and allowing the children to 'choose'. I don't give the keys to the car to my 9 year old or 13 year old. Sorry, he just needs to know his decimal system before "averaging, computing, word processing, and Power Point. My kids are actually writing, taking notes and learning cursive. Thats a big change from State Controlled education. If the "experts" are so right, why has America dropped from #1 to #19 in math since 1959? They didn't have computers, smart boards and "web learning tools" then. Whatever the good intent, if it isn't working, not returning to successful techniques seems more ideology than logic. Thanks for your time in reading this. God Bless, Gary OMalley
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Sep 11, 2011